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Calling It Now: TEAM KILI

As some of you may be aware, a little movie is coming out later this year called The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. It’s kind of ridiculous how excited I am for this film. In lieu of the growing hype I felt it necessary for me to post a thoughtful and personal blog on my anticipation. Without further ado, here it is.

I call dibs on Kili.

Aidan Turner as Kili

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Why You Need to Watch BBC’s ‘Being Human’

A few years ago a friend of mine told me about a show they had seen on BBC America about a vampire, werewolf, and ghost living together. I remember they said to me, “I think it’s called Being Human. You should check it out, it’s right up your alley.”

Needless to say I was all over that like stink on, well, something very stinky and after watching the first episode I was hooked. It’s everything I love about the supernatural genre combined with wit, charm, and hilarity. The show is now on its fourth series and I am happy to say is just as wonderful as ever. If you have never watched BBC’s Being Human, then let me enlighten you as to why it is kind of amazing.

1). IT’S REFRESHING AND ORIGINAL. These days we are bombarded with stories about vampires and werewolves. Every other new film or show is jumping on the supernatural bandwagon, which I wouldn’t mind so much if the stories weren’t so derivative of each other. Being Human thankfully does not fall into this category. The main characters are unique and endearing, and they stand apart from the stereotypical depictions that occur with supernatural creatures.

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