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Women I Admire: Amber Benson


If you were a teenager in the 90s meant you probably watched Buffy ,The Vampire Slayer. I didn’t stick around till the very end of the show (I’m not a fan of ‘college years’, I guess) but I do remember when Willow cheated on Oz with someone else . . . and that someone else happened to be another witch named Tara,. Whoa. Talk about breaking the grounds on mainstream television with vampires!

I remembered Tara and the relationship that blossomed between her and Willow. I also remembered getting very emotionally invested when Oz found out and became very brokenhearted. It was a really sad moment and still affects me to this day. I had a fangirl crush on Oz then. Now, that fangirl crush has transferred over to Amber Benson. Sorry, Oz . . . it looks like Tara just has a way with the ladies.

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