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GEEK LIFE: The Shy Girl

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Many of you can probably relate to growing up shy and feeling awkward. I was a very shy and dorky child/teenager. I was quick to embrace “unique awkwardness” but my passiveness was a negative trait according to adults. I was told by teachers and adults that I needed to get over my shyness. That I needed to participate in class more, to speak up more for myself, and to talk more in general. It’s an overwhelming feeling to be forced out of my personality comfort zone and I spent most of my school days terrified of having to speak in front of a classroom.

Today,I am no longer scared of speaking out and showing off who I am. Just this past year, I’ve already done several live podcast shows with Defective Geeks. Overcoming my shyness was not easy and it took me years and years. I’m still shy in a lot of ways. The journey is different for everyone and I can’t give an exact guideline on a How-To NOT be shy. For me, it was a lot of different factors and experiences, plus just generally growing up.

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