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Ep. 125 Bane Can’t Eat a Hotdog

It’s 4th of July weekend coming up — or if you’re an anime fan, Anime Expo weekend! Fortune Cookie is sleep deprived and slaving over cosplay projects while the Space Pirate Queen and Gizzy B discuss the art of Batman eating a hotdog. Special background guest: Yan. Fanfic Theater: Batman x Robocop.

The Brands Boutique Returns to AX 2013


Our friends, The Brands Boutique, are returning to Anime Expo 2013 this coming 4th of July weekend. Want to know where you can get all these delicious and adorable items from different indie business and brands? Visit Brands Boutique! Information on their pop-up store on the convention floor is on their website.

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Ep. 122 Keep Calm and Cosplay On

In this episode, Fortune Cookie talks about what the Cosplay Fandom has taught her in her life, especially about time management and patience . . . and how to panic less when sewing. The rest of the conversation has a truck full of GAME-OF-THRONES-SPOILERS-EVERYONE-DIES-OH-MAH-GAD topics so beware if you’re not caught up with the show and/or the book. Fanfic Theater: Garfield x Street Fighter.

Anime Expo 2012: Brands Boutique and Cosplay Overload

Zoe from Brands Boutique invited me to come back to Anime Expo this year and I gladly made the trek to the Los Angeles Convention Center. I missed AX last year and it felt like I haven’t been to the convention in a really long time.

Anime Expo 2012

Yes, I was overwhelmed and somewhat confused. I’m not familiar with a lot of the new anime series that people are cosplaying these days. I mostly recognize Evangelion or Legend of Korra cosplayers. I felt sad for my old-lady-self. I did enjoy taking photos and this video with Fortune Cookie!

The Exhibit Hall has gotten a lot better since I last remembered too. There were so many indie artists, not just at the artist alley but at bigger booths selling a lot of self-produced merchandise. Most of it were high quality goods and I was very much tempted to purchase a lot of cute things.

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Funkey Monkey at the Brands Boutique Pop Up Shop

Anime Expo 2012 is only a couple of weeks away and again, we encourage attendees to check out Brands Boutique inside the Exhibit Hall this year! Brands Boutique will be selling all kinds of cute and unique merchandise at their booth from eleven different indie, local brands. We interviewed Shing from Marlow the Monster last week and now we are happy to introduce you to Funkey Monkey.

Just as the name suggest, Funkey Monkey sells clothing, accessories, stationary, etc. with their monkey character at the center stage of all their design. Read our interview with them to get to know them better.

— — —

How did Funkey Monkey came to be and what is the inspiration behind the monkey?
FUNKEY MONKEY: Funkey Monkey was created a while ago to capture the concept of fun and what it means to be happy. The brand is inspired by laughter, happy memories, and the monkey is really about enjoying the best moments of life. It’s our dedication to friends, love, and that one person in everyone’s life who is so full of energy and brings fun to every outing!
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Marlowe the Monster at the Brands Boutique Pop Up Shop

The Brands Boutique will have pop up shop at Anime Expo on June 29-July 2, 2012 selling merchandise from 10 different and local indie brands in California. One of them is Marlowe the Monster by my friend, Shing Yin Khor, which will be available at the shop this year.

How can you not love her work? These monsters are so adorable and she puts in a lot of work with all her individual pieces. They’re all handmade by her, baby, make no mistake. She not only sculpts them, she paints them and she publishes books and comics. Yes, she is one productive and busy lady — which is why I appreciate it when she takes time to eat ramen with me once in awhile!

Here’s an interview with Shing and her participation this year with Brands Boutique.

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Anime Expo 2011 : Celebrating 20 years

Before I begin: To those who have wandered here because they grabbed a red card from an artist alley table at Anime Expo, I want to welcome you to our blog! Thank you so much for stopping by!

Last weekend, Anime Expo celebrated its 20th anniversary at the Los Angeles Convention Center. For those not in the know, Anime Expo is the biggest anime convention on the west coast and perhaps even in the United States (Otakon is its main rival so they might beg to differ). The convention holds a special place in my heart since it was my very first convention a mere ten years ago. I had gone because friends of mine were talking about it on the forum I frequented and we all wanted to meet up. My whole family went, actually! And two hours in, they told me I would never ever go back because it was so damn confusing and boring to them.

And yet I went – sans parents – year after year. The only one I’ve missed is 2004 because I was in France at the time.

The convention has exploded more than grown over the years, going from a convention that shared its space with Jehovah Witnesses and Gay Square dancers to one that takes up the whole space to house 47,000 attendees over the July 4th weekend. The convention has become more mainstream and one can see bus ads for it all over Los Angeles. I’ve even heard an ad on the radio for it which was kind of both cool and strange.

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