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Ep. 219 The Betrayal of 2015


Listen to why the Space Pirate Queen and Gizzy B has given up all hope in life and why there is no other choice but to weep a river of sad, fangirl tears. But in other news, we announced our first winner to the Ovaries Explosion Award of 2015! Fanfic Theatre: Pirate’s of the Caribbean x Godzilla.

Anime Los Angeles Day Three

Day three starts out ~*romantically*~ (NO NOT REALLY.)

Poor Vince didn’t get too much sleep the night before because he was a gentleman and slept on the floor so all of us girls have beds. Unfortunately, it was REALLY cold since we have a balcony and the draft is horrible. He also woke up with Kelly’s feet dangling in his face. Poor guy.

We both woke up about the same time at a very early hour so we decided to go jogging. He’s been on this regimen for over a year so running is cakewalk for him. For me it’s more like trying to keep going with lava injected into my veins.

But he was nice and slowed down for me when I would stop every minute or so. And then tell me to keep going. ‘3’

We got back but everyone was still sleeping so I took the opportunity to shower and then start changing. It was going to be a grueling last day. Why?
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Anime Los Angeles Day Two

Huzzah! Finally, right? Well, it will be worth the wait because of the awesome videos. :)

Day Two

We all got a good night’s sleep in order to get up ~*bright and early*~ to change into our group cosplay. Both Vince and I woke up early to work out. He left earlier to go jog around the surrounding neighborhood while I hit the small hotel gym. Exercise is important! I did about 40 minutes of running on the treadmill before moving onto weight training when Vince met up with me and went back to the room to check our roommates who were either still sleeping or just getting up.

It was a bit surreal to see the pool area go from empty to completely PACKED in those two hours. Friday had been a little low-key due to many people having school or work that day so of course Saturday is the big no-holds party day from real life. It’s just really amazing how well this space works for an anime convention.

We all got dressed as characters from the series Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan (aka Buldgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan). Basically it’s a very silly and pervy comedy series about a high school boy and his guardian angel…who beats him to death and brings him back to life in crazy ways. We had cosplayed this series at Fanime but our friend Alice wanted to be part of the group as another character so we decided to do it again for ALA.

After we were all finally done (I have a habit of always misplacing my socks), we went downstairs and ran into Space Pirate Queen and MissTea! Both girls had decided to drop by for a half day so we chatted it up as we watched the youngsters filter by. It was also here that I discovered that Kelly also knew MissTea from high school. Small world…

Anime LA, 2011
L –> R: Me (as Dokuro), Space Pirate Queen, MissTea, and Kelly (as Sakura)

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Half a day at ALA

Earlier this month, Anime Los Angeles happened, a smaller anime convention that is held in a hotel close to the Los Angeles international airport. When it comes to anime conventions, I rarely ever make plans for them anymore, except for when I drop in for a “surprise” visit. This year, I had half a day to spend at the convention. The bigger reason I wanted to go was to reunite with a friend, known as MissTea in the cosplay world, who was also part of the ‘old days’ of my convention going world.

Anime LA, 2011
Fortune Cookie, Me, MissTea and our friend.

I’ve always like ALA and I’ve never had a problem with this convention. I love how small it was and the way it felt so cozy to just hang out and watch people walk around in their costumes. It didn’t have that annoying attitude that a lot of anime conventions seem to picking up these days. I spent 4 to 5 hours with MissTea, walking around and finding people we knew to talk to. Fortune Cookie (a rare Defectivegeeker) was there to cosplay with her friends.

I didn’t attend any panels but we checked out the dealer’s hall and artist alley. Both were small, but were full of different booths and merchandise. The artist alley was particularly impressive, though the artists we spoke to claimed sales was pretty low compared to previous years. This seems to be a prevailing theme each year for these convention artists. Hopefully, the future of artist alley sales will improve eventually.

Anime Los Angeles, 2011

Anime Los Angeles, 2011

The cosplay, on the other hand, was quite impressive. People went all out for this small convention, bringing and wearing their best– skin showed despite the chilly weather, but these guys posed in the cold like pros! Admittedly, when I walked into the hotel, I was quite overwhelmed at first. I would not be able to identify more than half of the costumes people are wearing nowadays. I am such an old timer! Still, I can appreciate a well-crafted costume despite my lack of which anime or manga they had come from.

Before we left, MissTea and I couldn’t resist striking a pose and tried to channel our old cosplaying ways! I’m confident that we’ve ‘still got it!’ What do you guys think? We’re still kinda hot despite for being oldies, right?….Right?…Guys…?

Anime LA, 2011
MissTea and I goofing off, doing 'cosplay poses'

Yes, I did actually almost win a cosplay hall ribbon award because a certain photographer who goes by the alias, Agentsakur9, spread rumors that I was dressed like Nana Oosaki. Sigh… it’s like a stigma!

Fortune Cookie may or may not do an actual and more detailed report on Anime Los Angeles, so stay tuned for that. Otherwise, check out the rest of my photos on my flickr gallery or play the slideshow below.