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Lady Geek Spotlight: Annie Violet, Sexy Geek Model, Tolkien Lover

Annie Violet and I found each other on Twitter. When I first saw her Twitter profile, I admit it – I almost dismissed her as a spambot mostly because she had a super sexy photo on her profile (sorry Annie! Don’t judge by their profile photos, kids). But something made me take a pause and I decided to read a bulk of what she had written on Twitter. I quickly realized this girl was one of my Lady Geek sisters.

I  try to not judge other women who work in a certain industry. I judge them by their character and Annie and I have always had pleasant Twitter encounters – like getting excited about The Hobbit trailer. In other words, she’s a sweetheart. A Lady Geek has every right to take her clothes off in front of the camera and still be allowed to read the Lord of the Rings between takes. Dammit. Can’t blame a lady when she has a cute bum that the world needs to see. In this interview, Annie talks about the dichotomy of her work as a model and her nerdy side.

Read our interview below.

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