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New Crush: Faora of ‘Man of Steel’

Like many my friends and I flocked to the theater to see Man of Steel. We had a fun time waiting in line together, just listen to the podcast we recorded whilst doing so, and discussing the things we were looking forward to and expecting. To make a long story short, I really enjoyed it. Personally I liked its “realistic” take on the Superman mythos, but can understand why some Superman fans aren’t quite taken with it. I’ve had excellent discussions with people on the matter, but more than anything there is one specific point I would like to focus on. That point is that I now have a major girl crush on Faora.

Faora Hottypants

I must confess I am a sucker for villains and especially when those villains are women. It all started when I watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarves when I was a little girl. I fell in love with the Evil Queen. She was beautiful, powerful, and had cunning. Ever since then I have had a penchant for women who embody these qualities. Faora is no exception.

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