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Watch our LIVE Show Next Monday, March 17!


Is it your dream to watch us on Google Hangout live and have a drink with us while we are taking shots of Irish whiskey? We thought so. Next Monday on the 17th, we will be broadcasting at 8pm PST/11pm EST once again. This time, we will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day — but as usual, there is a twist!

Make sure to watch our Twitter feed @defectivegeeks or go to the live feed event page on Google+! The show will start precisely at 8pm PST!

Watch the last show below, when we had the most epic movie lip sync battle… EVER. IN HISTORY.

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Ep. 77 Hipster Moshpit

Gizzy B returns with some jack and coke to avenge her sober self from Drunk Valerie. All the whilst, the Lady Geek talk about the practice of art snobbery, hipsters and the knowledge one can find inside the pages of a manga. Fanfic Theater: Supernatural x Labyrinth.