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INTERVIEW: Jean-Michel Le Gal

J-016 - CopyMax and Shred, a show about two boys. One is superstar snowboard and one is the neurotic superstar academic. An unlikely friendship? Always! But today, we spoke with the other important man on the show — Jean Michael Le Gal, who plays the household patriarch who wants to be young again. Read the interview below and don’t forget to catch Max and Shred on Nickelodeon or if you’re our pals in Canada, on YTV!

Tell us about Max and Shred and your character, Lloyd Ackerman. What makes Lloyd the coolest character on the show?

Well I don’t know about ‘coolest’, but what is cool about Lloyd is that he’s always eager to try anything. Like that friend who will always do a dare. Also, he’s a grown up kid, which is secretly what most adults want to be.

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