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Michelle and Will’s Moonlight Wedding: Sailor Moon and Art Deco Inspired

Okay, no laughing allowed. I had a Sailor Moon themed wedding.

But perhaps not the rainbow colored, anime-poster ridden melee of sad artistic choices that you are expecting. Since my groom and I  are fairly fashionable adults with an pretty serious otaku problem, we finally landed on the perfect mash up of classy and nerdy for our big day: We had an art deco Sailor Moon-inspired wedding.

Michelle & Will's Moonlight Wedding: Sailor Moon inspired

The plan was to have an elegant, grown up wedding, with a highly stylized injection of Sailor Moon design into every nook and cranny! Utilizing the extensive archive of beautiful Sailor Moon imagery, such as the lockets, wands, and symbols from the manga and anime, as well as the influence of Art Deco moon and stars designs, pulling together the decor, graphics, and fashion into an elegant nerd wedding was an event planner’s dream! As a professional event producer for Bubble Punch, as well as working in a hotel for most of my college years (100+ wedding receptions and lived to tell the tale!), I had extensive wedding planning and decorating experience under my belt, and was confident I would be able to do something unique, yet totally otaku-driven, to suit our tastes. Keep in mind, despite all of this, it was STILL SUPER DUPER STRESSFUL since it was my own wedding, haha! But here I am, mind in tact, and ready to tell you all about it!

I just wanted to hop on my soapbox quickly and tell everyone that YOU ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE ANY KIND OF WEDDING YOU WANT. I think a lot of readers have been amazed that my groom “allowed” me to do this, but the fact is that we were both equally excited about the theme, the nerdy music, and decorations, because it spoke to our common interests. So don’t be afraid to flaunt your nerdy side in public, and especially not at your wedding! It’s your day! DO WHATEVER YOU WANT! WOO!

Below is a summary in photos of the wedding, then after that is a breakdown of Fashion, Graphics, and Decor notes and DIY links for everything! THIS POST IS LONG, BUT HANG IN THERE, IT’S TOTES WORTH IT. Thank you so, so much to Shannon Cottrell for all of the amazing photos!

Play the video and get teary eyed while the magical music plays in the background!


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SUPER*MARKET: Snap Yourself!

We had tons of fun at SUPER*MARKET at Meltdown Comics and the live podcast show went pretty well. We are definitely learning a lot in terms of live entertainment! More about the event details later but for now, I wanted to share our photos from Snap Yourself!, a super fun event photo booth service in California. Check them out. I love the quality and style of their photos. If you have an event or a pary any where in LA or the Bay Area, you should invite these guys!

Defective Geeks @ SUPER*MARKET
Fortune Cookie, Gizzy B and the Space Pirate Queen.

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LIVE SHOW: Super*Market at Meltdown Comics in LA!

Awesome news, everyone! Our friends at Bubble Punch invited us to do a live podcast show at Meltdown Comics on April 14th for the SUPER*MARKET event! 

If we entertain you on a weekly basis with our weirdness and if you enjoyed our show during our 5th Year Anniversary party, here’s another chance to see us geek out live. The Space Pirate Queen, Gizzy B and Fortune Cookie will tell tales of lady nerd adventures to make you laugh, cry and touch your hearts. Or other places, if you’d prefer. We won’t judge you.

Super, duper excited to do a podcast show at the home of the Nerdist podcast too! The NerdMelt! DREAMS DO COME TRUE, Y’ALL!

Seriously, this event is going to be great for not just the ladies but for anyone who enjoys comic books and would love to support local businesses and designers. Shop for unique and handmade items from all the vendors participating at this market:

Geeky Glamorous
Messy Pink
Lemon Tree 11
Miss Alphabet
The Many Arms of Misha
Miyu Decay
Her Tiny Teeth by Natasha Lillipore
Happy Hoodie Friends
Oboro Charms
Lil’ Rae Cakes
Chubby Bunny

Tune in Tokyo will be bringing the music and there’ll be refreshments… and once again, CAKE BALLS!

Let us know you’re coming and RSVP at the Facebook event page here. More information at here.

Come and party with us!

Bunnies & Bow, an art and fashion show opening night

Bunnies & Bows!

The opening night for Bunnies & Bows on May 7 came and went but it was truly a fun night. With my boyfriend, Taglebot, in tow, we arrived at Japan LA early because Michelle had asked me to do a little chalk doodle infront of the store. I awarded myself with a sushi “burrito” from the Jogasaki food truck who served dinner to the party goers for the rest of the night. We joined the party inside the store again after we ate and I started to take photos.

I was thrilled to see my art piece up on the wall with all the other wonderful work of art from talented and established artists. I never imagined my first official art show (that wasn’t school related) would be so much fun and just plain out cool. Gizzy came out to show her support, hooray! As well as my friend Rachael from Glass of Win, Jess from, Onch from Onch Movement, Shrinkle of Sugarpill and all our local friends, Ryan, Shaun, Shane, Edith, Lena, Jeremy, Greg, Tim, Callie (sorry if I missed a particular person on this shout-out, you are welcome to yell at me if I do)… thank you all so much to everyone that parties with us! Thank you to my wonderful boyfriend for staying the whole night and going home as tired and as happy as I was!

Bunnies & Bows!

Michelle (Chubby Bunny and our great event hostess) even asked me to help judge the costume contest. I was glad we had several judges that voted because picking the winners was hard. Everyone came out in their best bunnies and bows. You can watch the video from the contest after the jump below.

Bunnies & Bows!
Buy these awesome bows at

I spent most of the night talking to friends, shopping inside Japan LA— soooo hard to resist buying anything inside there– including a couple of Michelle’s new bows and pigging out on Lil Rae’s cake balls. Delicious! The art will be showcased inside Japan LA until May 29, so stop by if you missed the opening night. All the pieces are for sale for all of you art collectors out there. If you happen to swing by there, please let me know what you think!

A lot of my photos will be on the LA Weekly website, which I will post once they are up. Continue reading

Save the Date! Bunnies & Bows

On May 7th, 2011, Michelle aka iamchubbybunny will be celebrating both her graduation and birthday with a big event and art show. I was honored enough to be one of the participating artists for the show. To be honest, I was somewhat reluctant since I was gone for two weeks at the beginning of April for my trip… and now I will only have less than 2 weeks to finish my piece for the show.


But! Michelle is so lively, creative and colorful as a person that I realized I will not have any problems drawing inspiration from her. I already have several ideas on what to draw and my only trouble now is having to narrow it down…!

Needless to say, I am quite excited to be a part of this event and will be working hard to create some thing that will be worthy of Michelle’s style. A lot of other great artists (all of them I admire) are also contributing and I feel so humbled with the opportunity to be a part of this talented group. Honestly, I’m going to feel like such a n00b in comparison! Nevertheless, I know that since the Bubble Punch team is going to be running the show, it will be fun!

I hope many of you will be able to come by and party with us.

For further information, please visit Michelle’s iamchubbybunny blog!

You can also RSVP through the Bunnies and Bows facebook invite page.

Hello Kitty’s Prom Night

You know what you’re doing this coming Saturday night? Yes, it’s true… you’re going to PROM NIGHT! Which is probably not a first for many, and maybe it’s a first for others. Currently, the Small Gift even celebrating Sanrio’s 50th anniversary is open to the public. The festival closes this upcoming weekend, and Bubble Punch is hosting the final theme party. The theme is 80s prom night and attendees are encouraged to dress in 80s inspired attire. Tickets are available HERE, and go to Bubble Punch’s website for more information!

This party guarantees an amazing, colorful and fun night… don’t miss it!