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Ep. 12 We May Be Dead, But We’re Still Pretty



Yes, another episode dedicated to ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ (you’re welcome)! This time James and Giselle talk about ‘Prophecy Girl’, what made the episode so damn fun, along with semi-ranting about Xander/Anya, and yet again fawning over their newfound attraction to Rupert freaking Giles.

Ep. 7 Oh Hello, Mr. Giles



In this episode our intrepid hosts talk about one of their favorite shows, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. They do their best to stay on topic as they discuss the two part premiere episode, seeing it again with adult eyes along with discussing Joss Whedon, their favorite characters, and what the show meant to them growing up.


Ep. 274 We Are Space Princesses


WARNING: Do NOT listen to this episode if you have not seen The Force Awakens and do not want spoilers. We talk with ALL THE FEELS! Plus, why it’s problematic for man’splainers to user the term “Mary Sue” to critic Rey as a character. Fanfic Theatre: Twilight x Buffy.

Awesome Fanfic Monday: Buffy and Bella

Welcome to Awesome Fanfic Monday!

I love myself a good parody. I also love myself a good crossover. You can imagine how delighted I was when I found a fanfic that falls into both of the these categories. This week’s fanfic combines both my favorite and least favorite pieces of the vampire genre into one. That’s right, some blessed soul combined Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Twilight into a fun little one shot that will make any Buffy fan smile with delight.


This week’s Awesome Fanfic Monday goes to Dear Edward, I’ve Indulged and I Regret by I Was NotA Robot of

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Ep. 272 Giant Saliva Testical


The Lady Geeks discuss the importance of consent when having a celebrity encounter. You should always ask before hugging… or biting (a fan bit Norman Reedus and it wasn’t us!). The girls celebrate the excellence that is Carrie Fisher and discuss Target pretending that Captain Phasma is a man because apparently girls don’t like Star Wars? Fanfic Theatre: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Awesome Fanfic Monday: Spike x Willow

Welcome to another edition of Awesome Fanfic Monday! This week we are featuring a story about one of my favorite OTPs: Spike and Willow.

Gif by Aikobot of Tumblr
Gif by Aikobot of Tumblr

I ship these two. I ship these two so hard and have done so for years. It all started back when Spike kidnapped Willow so that she would make a love potion for him and Drusilla. They had such awesome chemistry and I just loved the idea of them as a couple, especially knowing how badass of a vampire Willow can be! Ever since then I had a secret wish that they would hook up, but I happily settled for their cool and quirky friendship. The story this week perfectly captures the sweet little bond between the two of them. This week’s featured story is Scout’s Honor by lau85 of 

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