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I Love Lil Rae Cake Balls! Celebrating One Year of Yummy

Jenny Rae, owner of Lil Rae Cakes!

I love Lil Rae Cakes!

Her cake balls are a must-have for people in Los Angeles. They are readily available at Sweet Harts, a cute bakery owned by Melissa Joan Hart (who didn’t love Clarissa Explains It All?) or you can track down The Sweet Truck. I know, it’s kind of a hunt to find these delicious cake balls unless you order it directly from Jenny Rae’s website. Trust me though it’s worth the little extra effort to get your hands on them.

On Saturday, May 28 2011, Lil Rae Cakes celebrated its 1st year anniversary and threw a wonderful party at Sweet Harts in Sherman Oaks. Despite the long drive from my house, my friends and I got there in time to receive a free cake, hooray! Miss Rae asked her friends Onchmovement, Chubby Bunny and Locketship to come out and sell cute accessories to compliment the sweet theme of the night.

To top it all off, real life Disney Princess and singer, Traci Hines came dressed as Disney’s Little Mermaid and took photos with children and adults a like. Miss Hines is super sweet and I told her how much I loved her youtube videos. I was super dorky and told her that her Disney song covers helps me calm down when I’m super stressed out at work too. Give her a listen, trust me.

Lil Rae Cakes, 1st Year Anniversary

I was super excited to try all the different flavors of cake balls that night. Usually, I only have access to her Lil Sprinkled Cakes and vanilla is still my favorite. During the party, all of her flavors were available and it was amazing. Continue reading

Upcoming Event! Lil Rae Cake Balls, 1st Year Anniversary

This Saturday, I will be at the Lil Rae Cakes’ 1st Year Anniversary celebration at Sweet Harts (Melissa Joan Harts’ bakery in Sherman Oaks, California). These cake balls are extremely delicious, you guys, and totally worth coming out for. Plus, you also get Onchmovement, Locketship and I Am Chubby Bunny selling cute items from their fashion and accessory lines. I will be stopping by to take photos and partaking in some cake balls.

WHEN: Saturday, May 28, 2011 7PM-10PM WHERE: Sweet Harts, 13704 Ventury Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA

Hope to see you all there!