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UK Trip 2011: Cambridge & Ely

Cambridge is a nice, small town and about an hour train ride away from London. I’ve heard locals describe it as a somewhat boring place, but I found it to be a nice break from big and bustling cities. Of course, I was only there for a few days so who knows how I would really feel in the long run! Nevertheless, I did enjoy my stay there. It has quite a few historical site such as the King’s College Chapel which was completed during King Henry VIII’s reign.

King Henry and Anne Boylen even carved their initials onto the organ piano inside the church. Kind of neat to think that they had walked the same church floors as I did, right?

Cambridge, Day 1

Since old church buildings are kind of neat to look at, Pilbeam also took me to a nearby town, Ely. We visited the Ely Cathedral. Along the way, we met a friendly horse looking for sugar cubes and carrots from the tourists passing by.

Ely Cathedral, Day 2

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Cambridge, A Preview!

Yesterday, I arrived in England and I have now invaded Pilbeam’s lovely home in Cambridge. On the drive from Heathrow to their house, they gave me a little welcome present. Cadbury eggs! A proper English Easter chocolate treat!


On my first full day, we took a walk around town and saw more of Cambridge’s famous sights. I will have to post those photos when I get home because I can only use my phone pictures right now. I give you the view from Pilbeam’s guest room.


I am suffering a little bit from jet lag but I took a nap today after a long day of walking. I went to Pilbeam’s life drawing class and her art teacher allowed me to participate. It was pretty awesome to be in an art class in England, I must say. I was a little rusty at it but I didn’t do too poorly. Either way it was loads of fun.

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