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Ep. 272 Giant Saliva Testical


The Lady Geeks discuss the importance of consent when having a celebrity encounter. You should always ask before hugging… or biting (a fan bit Norman Reedus and it wasn’t us!). The girls celebrate the excellence that is Carrie Fisher and┬ádiscuss Target pretending that Captain Phasma is a man because apparently girls don’t like Star Wars? Fanfic Theatre: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Ep. 271 Mission Manly Manu


It’s late┬ábut the Lady Geeks finally chat about their experience at Comikaze Expo 2015 which includes, Carrie Fisher, glitter, Tommy Wiseau and Manu Bennett (so manly…). We also gifted Fortune Cookie with a brand new Spider News. Fanfic Theater: Indiana Jones x Captain America.


Ep. 263 Five Years of Comikaze with Regina Carpinelli


We can’t anticipate Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo without recording a podcast with Regina (our queen). Listen as she reveals this year’s guests at the convention — from Jim Lee to Carrie Fisher. That’s right, Princess Leia herself will be hanging out with all of us during Halloween, so we hope to see you there!