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Fanart GLEE: Supernatural


Fanart by yesi-v224 on deviantart (account deactivated x_x)

Currently, my brain is filled with nothing but San Diego Comic-con planning and I failed to brainstorm for this edition of Fanart GLEE — yes, people, I do think about my blog posts usually. I decided to fall on a default fandom. My love that is Supernatural. It seems like an easy road, but let me tell you. . . the Supernatural fandom is robust and it’s huge. Narrowing down artwork from Tumblr is hard. Supernatural fans are so freaking talented, that I can’t even…

I survived the long search though. Check out these great works of art!

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Ep. 14 Defective Geeks, As Heard on S.I.R.

The Space Pirate Queen, Gizzy and Fortune Cookie fangirl over our commercial on S.I.R. by Kevin Smith and Jen Schwalbach. We adapt our new tagline: all news, no cocks! Fortune Cookie gives us an update on Fanime Con progress, while Gizzy talks Batman and zombies again. We finally started Fanfic Theatre with a Supernatural x Battlestar Galactica crossover. Cylons could be fallen angels, don’t judge!