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INTERVIEW: Inspired by Nature, Lara Jean Chorostecki

Photo by Shaun Benson
Photo by Shaun Benson

The character of Dr. Hannibal Lecter has sliced his way into pop culture and with the new series on NBC entitled Hannibal, he is not leaving any time soon. This new series, developed by Bryan Fuller, also introduces us to new interpretations of other characters from the books and movies. One of those characters is Freddie Lounds, previously played by Philip Seymour Hoffman and Stephen Lang. This time Freddie is played by Canadian actor Lara Jean Chorostecki. Ms. Chorostecki took the time to chat with us about her character Freddie, what it’s like to play a role that has been gender switched, her poetry, her love for the outdoors, and then we kind of go off topic on cyclops cats and Hugh Jackman.¬†You know, the important things.

It was an absolute pleasure chatting with Ms. Chorostecki and just like the character of Hannibal Lecter, I expect that we’ll be seeing lots of Ms. Chorostecki for years to come.

What inspired you to become an actor?

I saw a production of Les Mis when I was eight years old and I was so engrossed the entire time! My parents took my brother and I and I went to church the next day and I ended up drawing a storyboard during the service of the Les Mis story. I also performed the entire soundtrack, lip synced, for my great grandfather, who I believe was 96 at the time, very shortly after I saw it. So, I would say that musical theater inspired me to be an actor and that show in particular, seeing it at such a touching young age was incredibly inspiring.

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