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My Adorable Cat

I feel the need to share these pictures of my cat doing something adorable. Yes, on top of being a nerd I am a crazy cat lady.

My cat, Johnny
You’re welcome.

This is my cat, Johnnie. She is one of many and I refuse to disclose how many cats I have because I have THAT many.

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I started a new crochet project! I’m making Green Tentacle from Day of the Tentacle the video game.

I’m using instructions from here:

I have to admit, I don’t understand them very well, but I’m just bludering onward, hoping for the best.

This is how far I’ve gotten, you can see the cone developing:

Jack decided he wanted to help. He just can’t stand me playing with string!

Also, on another topic, best statues ever:

Spotted them in the back of one of Cambridge’s colleges while riding the bus.