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“Gotham Bunnies” Cosplay Brings Arkham Villains to Life

Who doesn’t love a little Gotham villainy in their day? YumeNinja and Chubby Bunny (newest faces at Defective Geeks!) are a part of this awesomely evil round up of Batman’s foes in this Playboy Bunny-themed cosplay photoshoot! The same team that was behind the  Sailor Moon Biker Gang Cosplay has brought together yet another all-star group of cosplayers for Gotham Bunnies, inspired by the art of Milkydayy (Oskar Vega) and photographed again by Greg DeStefano.



More pics and credits below!

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FIRST LOOK: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle

Finally, *finally* we have an image of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle!

The image was just revealed on the official site by clicking the center image and BAM, there she is! (Special thanks to Jesse Lukaras for posting it on FB and letting the rest of us geeks know!).

So Ms. Kyle seems to be taking a little joyride on the Bat Pod… interesting… And those are some neat goggles she’s wearing too. Since she IS on the Bat Pod, I’m guessing this is her Catwoman look? Either way I’m just happy we finally have an official picture!

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‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer to Premiere with Harry Potter

According to the teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises will premiere with the last chapter of the Harry Potter films.

So pretty much Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 is going to be one of the most nerdly epic experiences ever. EVER I SAY!

Official photo of Bane

I hope that the teaser for TDKR will be more revealing than the teaser for The Dark Knight which, true to the utmost nature of teasing, gave us only voices and some admittedly sweet lines. Will we see Catwoman? Will we see Bane? Only time will tell, my friends, only time will tell…

I, for one, will be counting down the seconds until I get to see that teaser. Is it sad that hearing this news makes me totally giddy? And when I say sad I mean amazing.

The teaser for The Dark Knight. Three years later it still gives me chills.

Let’s raise our glasses, fellow Batfans, because this is just the beginning.