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Fresh Brewed Tee’s Shirts Are Full of Awesome

Hello there my lovely little nerdlings!

So I don’t often gush about clothing, but I have to make an exception for the shirts done by Fresh Brewed Tee. Not only are the shirts comfy, but the designs are clever, attractive, and speak to anyone with a nerdy bone in their body.


I am a very happy owner of the shirt with the design above. How does he get those wonderful toys? ;)

What’s excellent about Fresh Brewed Tee is that their designs are unique. They combine fandoms, like The Little Mermaid and Doctor Who, or have shirts that are a more subtle way of showing tribute to a fandom, like having a shirt for Off World Colonies (Blade Runner, anyone?). Some particular favorites of mine are the ones of Doctor Who’s companions.

It’s always nice to find a new and creative way of expressing your fandom and Fresh Brewed Tee definitely facilitates that. My only advice is that if you see a design you like, get it quickly! They tend to sell out ;)

To get a discount on your order use the code FBTDEFECTIVEGEEKS1.

CONTEST: Doctor Who T-Shirt!

Doctor Who

In honor of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, The Day of the Doctor’s release this month, we’ve partnered with to give one of our readers and listeners a chance to win one of their tees! We’re definitely excited to see more than one Doctor on the screen so find out below how you can enter to win.

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The Brands Boutique Returns to AX 2013


Our friends, The Brands Boutique, are returning to Anime Expo 2013 this coming 4th of July weekend. Want to know where you can get all these delicious and adorable items from different indie business and brands? Visit Brands Boutique! Information on their pop-up store on the convention floor is on their website.

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We Love Fine: Halloween and Star Trek

Our friends at are celebrating Halloween and have pooled together items from their online store for costume inspirations, which includes superheroes, Adventure Time and My Little Ponies! This is especially great for people who are looking to throw together some thing a little bit more casual that they can probably wear to school or to work.

Click here for more ideas.

The best part? A lot of these items can also qualify as “everyday” civilian clothing — for the geeks among us, at least. Speaking of daily wear, We Love Fine also celebrates Star Trek with a bunch of fun t-shirts, including one dedicated to George Takei’s famous catch phrase — now available in Women’s Style and Sizes! ​For all you stylish lady geeks out there. Check below for photos.

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GEEK SHOPPING: My Rarity Hoodie

When launched their My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic hoodies, I was in the midst of having my eyes glued on the screen watching one of my new favorite cartoons on Netflix. Although my friends have said I am more like Twilight (I agree), my favorite Pony is Rarity!

I needed the Rarity hoodie in my life. The package arrived a couple of weeks ago but I just got around to taking photos of wearing it.

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Funkey Monkey at the Brands Boutique Pop Up Shop

Anime Expo 2012 is only a couple of weeks away and again, we encourage attendees to check out Brands Boutique inside the Exhibit Hall this year! Brands Boutique will be selling all kinds of cute and unique merchandise at their booth from eleven different indie, local brands. We interviewed Shing from Marlow the Monster last week and now we are happy to introduce you to Funkey Monkey.

Just as the name suggest, Funkey Monkey sells clothing, accessories, stationary, etc. with their monkey character at the center stage of all their design. Read our interview with them to get to know them better.

— — —

How did Funkey Monkey came to be and what is the inspiration behind the monkey?
FUNKEY MONKEY: Funkey Monkey was created a while ago to capture the concept of fun and what it means to be happy. The brand is inspired by laughter, happy memories, and the monkey is really about enjoying the best moments of life. It’s our dedication to friends, love, and that one person in everyone’s life who is so full of energy and brings fun to every outing!
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