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GEEK LIFE: Buying Boxes and Organizing

I’m no longer much of a “collector” — sure there are still merchandise I would impulsively buy just because my deep, deep obsessive core would tell me that I need those things to live. Practical (and money) reasons has forced me to tame my geek-hoarder tendencies down, narrowing my collection down to my personal fangirl necessities.

The other night, I found myself buying clearance storage boxes from Target and buckling down to sort through my comic book collection. I like boxes much more than bookshelves most of the time. It’s the best way to keep dust from collecting on the books, first of all.

When was the last time you sorted through your collection?

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Forever an X-Phile: The “Evidence” Box

During the last half hour of Comikaze Expo in October, the boys from Red Sheep Productions were trying to shoot last minute footage of the Lady Defective Geeks wandering around and checking out the booths inside the exhibit hall. Unfortunately, most of the dealers were already halfway packed up and ready to go. Since we were doing a lot of work at the convention, I doubt I saw even half of the booths there that weekend. Fortunately, I discovered this table during those last minutes…

Comikaze Expo 2011

Your eyes do not deceive you, dear blog reader. Yes. That is a shit load of X-Files merchandise. My X-Phile heart almost skipped a few beats.

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