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SDCC 2012: iStockphoto and the Wired Cafe

SDCC 2012

This year, we managed to get inside the coveted Wired Cafe at the Omni Hotel during Comic-con again. Music, swag and free booze? It’s clearly a perfect oasis for lucky, VIP Comic-con attendees! iStockphoto invited us to talk to them about their latest project called the Collective Comics Project for Feast. The project officially debuted at the Wired Cafe. Everyone got to vote on the story for the project and they got “superhero underwear” in exchange for giving their input. Whoo! Free undies!

The voting consisted of which hero, villain, love interest, etc. would you want to see drawn by the various illustrators around the world picked specifically for this project. The answer choices ranged from kittens to vegan hipsters, which indicated the kind of sense of humor the team behind this project has. We talked to Sona who represented the project during the convention weekend and she was a blast to talk to.

If you haven’t already, you should listen to our latest podcast: Ep. 67 Comic-con is Now Drunk-con for the audio interview with Sona.

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