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Ep. 137 Markeia McCarty


We sit down with actress and comedian, Markeia McCarty, who we met at the iO West Theater in Hollywood during one of her performance in Comic Book Live. In this episode, we discuss careers, the life of nerds and geeks, video games and why girls should never be afraid to be who they are. Get to know Markeia with us and learn what inspires her.

Frank and Son’s Cosplay Con 2013

Frank and Son's Cosplay Con 2013

Comic Book Live was awesome enough to invite us to Frank and Son’s Cosplay Con 2013 and share a booth with them. I didn’t have much to offer, except for a few fliers but it was cool to participate at the event anyways. There were so many people, most of them were in line for Stan Lee’s autograph but tons of cosplayers also showed up. We were there for most of the morning and got to take quite a few photos. Check them out!

Tons of photos below the jump.

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Zombie Night at the iO West with PodCRASH! and Comic Book Live

PodCrash! Walking Dead Edition

On February 23rd, we returned to the iOWest to invade Hollywood along side some zombies. Chris Gore hosted a live PodCRASH! and the night’s topic was zombies and anything and everything that had to do with them. Gizzy B was among the participants on the PodCRASH zombie panel and all the panelists were competing with each other on who will survive and who will get “killed off”… just like in the movies.

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Comic Book Live’s Batman Holiday Special


During GEEKGIRLPALOOZA on December 8th at the iO West Theater, Comic Book Live had their Batman Holiday Special. It was the first time we watched these guys perform and their show was hilarious — geek culture and comedy, you guys!

Batman (Chris Gore) is hosting a Christmas party (with BAT-nog) and of course, all the super villains needed to find a way to attend. An epic team up ensues as they try to figure out how to take down the Batman during the holidays.

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