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Comic Book: Stained

STAINED introduces us to a bounty hunter named Emma. She is tough, snarky and isn’t afraid of making bad life decisions in general. Her body is also mostly made of metal.

Is she part robot? The first issue doesn’t explain how she got her body or why. We do see her kick a lot of ass!

We are mostly introduced to how she navigates her world and we see her go up against criminals who are bigger and badder than she is. The story is gritty with only a dash of Emma’s dry sense of humor in the dialogue. I love that Emma is a little scary, perhaps not quite lovable but someone you want to respect… from afar. You just hope you don’t get on her bad side.

The artwork of the book is fantastic and the action sequences are strong. The character designs are a lot of fun— Emma is pretty bad ass. And interesting. And cool. I want to know how she got her metal body, dangit! TELL ME HER STORY!

Comic book readers who are looking for a new, different book to read about a woman who has a shady moral code and shiny weapons… STAINED is for you.

STAINED is written by David Baron and illustrated by Yusuf Idris. It will be available on May 3, 2017 from 451 Entertainment. Make sure to let your local comic book stores to order copies!

Ep. 111 Los Animales


We chat with creators of the web comic, Los Animales, in this week’s episode. Liz O, writer and Jeaux J, artist tells the story of how the comic came to be and what their collaborative process is like. Find out the inspirations behind their characters. They also discuss the future of the series and all their exciting hopes and plans for the future. If you haven’t checked them out yet, go to!

‘Los Animales’ Release Party @ Club Underground

los animales launch partay!

Los Animales is a web comic hosted at, written by Liz O. and drawn by Jeaux J. Pedro Lionovsky and Manda Pandarosian stars as the two, somewhat snarky, main characters of the series and they are working at the very last record store in town. Liz O. is not only a writer by trade, she is also a DJ and probably my biggest music nerd friend. Los Animales celebrated its release at Club Underground at the Grand Star Jazz Club in Chinatown, where Liz djs  every other Friday.

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Tom Cohen, The Amazing Spider-Man at The Comic Bug

Tom Cohen @ The Comic Bug

The Comic Bug hosted a signing with Tom Cohen, associate producer and writer of the comic book companion to the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man movie. The comic book is a two-part trade series that compliments the new movie. It’s not exactly a prequel but it does goes alongside the film. Cohen had worked so closely with the movie over the past couple of years and was approached to write this mini-series. According to him, it is the first comic book he has ever written too!

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COMIC REVIEW: Zombie Outlaw

I always a enjoy a fun zombie romp and Zombie Outlaw is certainly a fun read from writer Brian Apodaca and artist Benny Jordan. The story starts at the library where main character, Matt, is introduced swooning over his crush, K.T. Delaney. When Matt returned to the library with his pal, Will, he thought Will would help him win K.T. over on a date perhaps. Instead, Will uncovers a dark secret living underneath the library — the Zombie Outlaw, the Legendary Living Dead Cowboy.

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COMIC REVIEW: Angel Punk #1

Also read COMIC REVIEW: Angel Punk

The first issue of Angel Punk jumps right into action. Maya, the main character, is on the first page holding bloodied weapons over the dead body of a man. Looking a little crazed. From that point, the story moves rather fast and a lot of the story was still left unexplained. Maya is still as rebellious and strong headed like she was first introduced and it is clear that she is going to be causing a lot of trouble.

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SDCC 2010 / Devil Inside

SDCC 2010 / The Devil Inside
Dennis Calero and Todd Stashwick

Dennis Calero and Todd Stashwick are collaborating on an ongoing web comic series called the Devil Inside. Pages can be viewed on Stashwick’s website and new pages are updated each week on Wednesdays. Dennis is a talented comic book artist and has done work for Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse. I first met him at San Diego’s Comic Con 2009, but has continually kept in touch with him via his twitter (we’re Twitter Buddies Forever! TBF?!). He is the best person and so incredibly talented… I can watch him draw all day!

Todd is an actor and was seen in NBC’s Heroes‘ final season, and also alongside Minnie Driver in The Riches. Among the Supernatural fandom he is notable for his role as ‘Dracula’ from the Monster Movie episode. It was incredibly exciting to meet him! His episode was one of my favorites from the series, check out this clip, it’s one of the funniest scenes in the series:

These guys are definitely an entertaining comic duo! I am excited about their web comic so don’t forget to check it out!

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SDCC 2010 / Dennis CaleroSDCC 2010 / Todd Stashwick SDCC 2010 / The Devil InsideSDCC 2010 / The Devil Inside

SDCC 2010 / The Devil Inside
Our very own Gizle with Todd