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‘Batgirl Spoiled’ Premieres at Comikaze Expo 2012

Batgirl Spoiled is a self-produced web series made by a group of fans who are all passionate about creating a Bat Family story on screen. It centers around Stephanie Brown taking on the Batgirl mantle and meeting the Sirens of Gotham. This past weekend, the Batgirl Spoiled team premiered an almost final cut of the first episode and all I can say is: it was super cool!

This is not your average “fan film” — the quality of this series is incredibly and it’s obvious how much tender loving care was put into it. Although I’ve been casually following the progress of this project online, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The series was created by a collaboration between Sax Carr and Batgirl herself, Marisha Ray.

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Norman Reedus: Why I Will Stalk Him at Comikaze Expo

When Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo announced that Norman Reedus will be their guest next month in September 15-16 at the LA Convention Center, I proved my “creepy fangirl-ness” yet again by sending the convention’s CEO, Regina, a text message requesting she allows me to breathe on him during the con. It’s okay. I think Regina is still going to allow me to attend the convention anyways…

I admit that I was slow on getting on the Norman Reedus bandwagon. I didn’t watch The Boondock Saints until about a year ago (loved it!) and the celebrity crush only blossomed while watching  The Walking Dead. I fell in love with Daryl Dixon and his grumpy, zombie-ass-kicking ways.

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An Ode to Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo and an 80s Dance Party

San Diego Comic-con is coming up and most of us are either excited or stressed out about it… or perhaps both. Of course, Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo is throwing an epic party: TOTALLY GEEKTASTIC COMIC-CON DANCE PARTY! on Thursday night, July 12 at the Spin Nightclub in San Diego.

Although we are looking forward to the Comic-con shenanigans this year, I thought I should blog about why you should start getting excited for Comikaze Expo 2012 now! Besides the fact that their 80s dance party is going to rock so hard. I bet you never imagined you’d go to an 80s themed party with Stan Lee.

Yes, Comikaze Expo on the same caliber of SDCC’s pop-culture insanity but it offers plenty of guests and attractions carefully picked to cater to the nerds. Comikaze Expo did so well on its first year in 2011 that it had exploded into the community loudly and proudly. I think that you would find that it truly cares about the fans and they’re working hard to improve the quality of the experience for the fans only. Not for Hollywood.

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