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Animaniacs Live! @ The La Mirada Theatre

I am never more happy than when I am basking in my Animaniacs nostalgia.

When I found out that Rob Paulsen (Yakko) and music writer, Randy Rogel, teamed up to put together a full, live orchestra concert to perform songs from the show live on stage… I had to be there. The show, as expected, was absolutely FABOO!

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FEMM Brings Mannequins to Life with Music at Club Rage

On August 7th, Japanese pop performance band FEMM (short for “Far East Mention Mannequins”) made their Los Angeles debut at Club Rage in West Hollywood courtesy of GAMeBoi and Tune in Tokyo , providing fans with a unique take on high concept pop music.

Their official website states that the two latex-clad mannequins-turned pop stars, RiRi and LuLa, are here to stand up for mannequins’ rights, and recruit their fans to join the FEMM Agency Syndicate, a fictional organization that helps free mannequins from their hum drum lives.

Their stop-motion-esque  choreography, created by the Hidali group, translated amazingly from their high production music videos to the live stage. You can check out highlights from their set here, courtesy of Super Attacku, as well as some snaps we got of the crowd!

More photos of the event after the jump!

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Rune Boutique at Royal-T, Opening Night

On December 9th, Rune Boutique made its opening night debut at Royal-T Café in Culver City, California. My friends at Bubble Punch asked me to work the event as a roaming photographer. It was hard work trying to get all the photos that they needed but I had a lot of fun. The Rune Boutique exhibition featured classic work from the late Rune Naito, a Japanese artist that was known as the “Father of Kawaii.” 6%Dokidoki held an energetic and colorful fashion show which launched their men’s line of clothing and model/singer Kyary Pyamu Pyamu held a fun mini-concert with two guys as her back up dancers, wearing lion heads. She was super adorable and made the best fish-face.

Rune Boutique is currently up at Royal-T Café until January 9th, 2012. They have a pop-up store that sells 6%Dokidoki accessories and clothing, along with new items by Sebastian Matsuda (owner of 6%Dokidoki) and his reinterpretation of  Rune Naito’s work. There are shirts, pillows, mugs, purses and all kinds of kawaii items. To see all my photos from the event, visit Rune Boutique – Kawaii Fashion (6%DOKIDOKI), Art (Rune Naito) & Music (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) Invade Los Angeles.

Photo by Eron Raunch. Sailor Mizz and I with friends, the 6%Dokidoki models and Kyary!

Check out our videos from the event  below!

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The Fabulous Life of Lisa Nguyen

JULIA'S BERDDAY!January 2011 was a rough month for myself and many of my friends. Sadly, on January 9, 2011, a dear and close friend of mine passed away. Her name was Lisa Nguyen.

At Anime Expo 2004, I briefly spoke with Lisa for the first time when she was sitting at the artist alley, selling NANA-inspired collar jewelry. I was excited to talk to somebody who was familiar with the NANA series… this was back when it wasn’t popular at all. I didn’t see Lisa again until the following year at Anime Expo 2005, when we both participated in a giant BLEACH cosplay group. I didn’t remember speaking to her the year before, but she remembered me. When I introduced myself to her, the first thing she told me was: “I know! I know who you are!”

We exchanged messages via and we figured out we were both living in Long Beach, California at the time. I swear, that very weekend, she drove up to my house and established our friendship. She was so assertive and open… and just plain fun! It was an adventure with her from that point on.

For a couple of years, we grew very close. Even though we did a lot of things on our own… I felt like we were inseparable at the same time. She introduced me to so many people and things- concerts, fashion events, themed parties, etc. I was seriously just a nerd whose annual schedule revolved around anime conventions at the time. She opened up a whole new level of geek and chic for me. She was definitely a big influence on who I am today. In the short 5 years I knew her, she inspired me to be more fashionable, confident and outgoing.

She was a wonderful, creative, talented and fierce force of nature. I called her “Little Lisa” all the time because she was quite short! But she was always bigger than myself, bigger than a lot of people with her giant personality. Needless to say, loosing her has been a terrible shock. It is hard to accept that she will no longer be around. It is hard to understand how life could be so unfair to someone who was so passionate and just loved living so much.

I can probably write so much more about Lisa and my friendship with her. Those who follow me on my twitter and livejournal know this. I will miss how she used to tell me how beautiful and talented I was (and to shut the fuck up whenever I felt unsure about myself!). I will miss how we used to talk forever when we are in our cars, driving in rush hour traffic. I will miss her laughing at my silly jokes and telling me how witty she thought I was. I will miss being “redunkulous” with her. I will miss going out dancing with her and watching her slowly get drunk with just one small drink. I will miss how funny and lively she was– and her unfiltered words that would some times get her into trouble. I will miss our food dates. I will miss her terribly. I still cry for her. Life will never be the same.

I love you forever, Lisa.

dawn x lisa 2006

I am pleased to invite all of you who live close to the Los Angeles area to come and join us as we celebrate Lisa’s fabulous life. This Sunday, February 6, 2011, we will be having a tribute art show and concert for her. Please join us! We owe it to her to continue her legacy and live on fabulously.

The Fabulous Life of Lisa Nguyen: A Tribute Art Show

Opening reception: February 6, 5pm – 7pm

Location: Werby Gallery, Student Gallery courtyard at Cal State University, Long Beach (map)

Facebook invite: (link)

The show will feature artwork from Lisa’s friends and family, as well as Lisa’s own work. Some of the art will be sold and the money will go towards a scholarship foundation in Lisa’s name and honor.

Leader of the Pack: Benefit Show for Lisa Nguyen

(aka Totes Appropes)

When: February 6, 2011, 9pm

Location: The Prospector, 2400 E. 7th St., Long Beach, CA

Ticket: $5 at the door, all proceeds will go towards Lisa’s art scholarship.

Facebook invite: (link)

Bands: Aubry & Thor (Long Beach), Brother Cecil (Orange County/Jackson, MS), Cunt Sparrer (Long Beach, CA), The Devil Bats (Los Angeles, CA), Inazuma (Los Angeles, CA/Japan), w/ DJ OLDBOY & DJ Peachy Keen

animagic 2005

Fanime 2010 – FLOW concert

The five members of FLOW

Fanime is known to be one of the main anime conventions that truly promotes music. Acoustic karaoke, people jamming in the hallways, or even just people singing the Pokemon theme song down the hall. I remember being really excited a few years back when Thee Out Mods actually got to perform there (I lost my voice for a good three hours after). Music is a big part of Fanime and one of the biggest events at this venue was the FLOW concert on the very first day.

FLOW is a five-piece rock band made up of vocalists Kohshi and Keigo, guitarist Take, bassist Got’s, and drummer Iwasaki. Those who don’t know the Japanese band FLOW have most likely heard their music. They played many theme songs for popular anime titles such as Naruto (GO!) and Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (COLORS, World’s End). Their most recent single is “Calling” for the anime HEROMAN. The band has gone through many phases, from J-rock to J-pop to easy listening and back and most of what I’ve heard is pretty darn catchy. I think my friend Robert really should be the one writing this part of the review because he was bouncing all over the place for this concert.

I arrived late to the line because I had to eat and the nearest Subway was several blocks down but in the end I did not have to worry since the auditorium was actually not very crowded! I thought for certain that it would be filled with Naruto fans and 4-chan /b/tards who came just to sing the first words from COLORS. But we all made up for the empty seats with some of the most energetic cheering and screaming that I’ve ever heard from Californians (You know how we Californians love to just stand there awkwardly and sway back and forth in silence.). FLOW responded with a mind-blowing performance, blazing through classics and their non-anime songs alike. They even spoke English rather well, thanking everyone for their support and talking about their experiences so far in the United States. It was their first time in the United States and they were very excited that there was so much support and energy coming from the audience. Apparently their Japanese fans aren’t as loud as we are. Which just meant we started to sing along even louder.

I pretty much lost it when they played both COLORS and World’s End and sang along at the top of my lungs. I’m sure my life is a little more complete now that I’ve had my chance to “sing” and “rock out” with them. The crowd went wild when FLOW played “Calling” from HEROMAN and then again when they finally performed GO! from Naruto (We are fighting dreamers! la de la de da de da da) which they saved for last. FLOW’s energy exploded at the very end as the band members started jumping on top of the speakers and down again, running around the stage and encouraging everyone to take part in in the chorus.

Most bands have an encore and FLOW surprised us with theirs. Instead of playing one of their own songs, they played a tried and true American classic: Surfin’ USA. Complete with surfing and swimming motions. I swear, there is nothing more awesome than a Japanese band covering an American song well. The memory brings a smile to my face every time. I really wish I could have recorded any part of this concert but unfortunately 1) I wasn’t allowed to due to the band’s requests and 2) I’m too short to record anything decent anyways from where I was sitting.

I left the concert with very sore arms (from waving my LED stick the entire time) and unable to hear very well. I also lost my voice for a while again. It wasn’t a bad thing really because it meant I wasn’t able to hear the Christian protesters stationed in front of the convention center. They ended up sounding like the adults from Peanuts so they were fairly easy to tune out (more on them later) and I merrily made my way back to the main halls of Fanime with my crew. I actually didn’t get to see Robert’s reactions during the concert (since I was late and I couldn’t jump in line by that point) but his reactions in the aftermath were more than good enough. I wanted to go to the FLOW panel the next day but alas, there were too many people in there. Thwarted again! But at least there is the Fanime interview transcript which you can check out below.

So yes, you should check out FLOW if you like awesome Japanese music.

Other links:

FLOW’s Official Site
Fanime’s interview with FLOW

Hardrock Calling

Haven’t made a post not related to crafts recently!

Friday (June 25th) I went with my boyfriend to Hardrock Calling in Hyde Park, London. There were a lot of gigs on, but the head-liner was Pearl Jam.

We had gone last year to see Bruce Springsteen, and it was awesome. I’m not as big a fan of Pearl Jam, but I was totally up for going.


You basically get there around 12 noon or so, and hang out in the park the whole day while bands play some sets.


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A break

I’m on my lunch break at work currently and I figured I’d spend time updating this often neglected and badly written blog. Ironic that the my fellow bloggers are the better at writing than me… but they are so silent here… ha!

This Friday, I am going to see GLAY for the 2nd time at the House of Blues on Sunset! At my younger years, while my peers were listening to N’Sync, I was throwing my fangirl energy towards this Japanese band. I can say that my love for this band directed me to many of my interest these days- namely a great interest in Japanese fashion. I did, at one point, wanted to become just like the band’s guitarist, Hisashi!

These days, I hardly follow the band’s new projects but I still feel a strong connection with the songs and music videos I “grew up” with.

They already played their first concert in San Francisco and a fan kindly wrote up their set list. I am SO excited that they will be playing ‘SURVIVAL’, in particular. They didn’t play this at the last concert and I was slightly disappointed. Now, I will finally get to enjoy this song LIVE and I could not be more happy!!!

Otherwise, I am busy getting Halloween costumes done for myself and two other people. Also, I’m trying to figure out the best way to embed twitter on this blog’s side bar! I might be due for another website redesign…! I need to find time to learn CSS coding. I feel like I’ve reached the limit of what can be done with HTML some times.