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INTERVIEW: ‘Wet Bum’ Star Craig Arnold On Dynamic Role, Collaboration, The Blues and Aquaman

Craig ArnoldWe recently got a chance to talk to actor Craig Arnold, one of the leads in Lindsay Mackay’s upcoming film Wet Bum before it’s debut at the Toronto International Film Fest. In this interview Craig tells us a little bit about this coming of age picture, his take on his character Lukas, what drew him to this role, and he even shows us a little bit of his geeky side with what genre films he’d like to do in the future.

Check out this interview to learn more about the film Wet Bum and this up and coming talent!

Your next film Wet Bum is opening at TIFF, can you tell us a little bit about its story and the ideas it is aiming to share?

Its coming of age story about a fourteen year old girl named Sam who has to worry about the darker realities of life through a relationship with her swimming instructor and with a man who lives at the retirement home she volunteers at. Its about the adolescent experience and growing up but also deeper things like love, loss, death.

What drew you to the script and the decision to tackle your particular role?

Well the script actually it wasn’t like a totally linear story like the good guys against the bad guys, it was really more exploratory with characters. There are these three characters, Sam who is the fourteen year old girl played by Julia Sarah Stone, Ed played by Kenneth Welsh and Lukas played by myself-the swimming instructor and its all kinda weaved. They all have their own problems, they’re all dealing with different issues at this point in their lives. Sam was dealing with growing up and not developing as quickly as she’d like, Andrew’s dealing with the death of his wife and how to move on from that. The script made me think and you can linger over it and it doesn’t all necessarily hit you at once. So I liked it in that way, it was more exploring some nice themes instead of being a spectacle.

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