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Awesome Fanfic Monday: Luke and Vader

Welcome to another edition of Awesome Fanfic Monday!

I love it when someone takes an iconic scene and puts a twist on it. These scenes are so engrained in our memories and a huge part of our pop culture lexicon that, at least for me, it’s always fun to see them a teased a bit. This week I picked a story that is a twist on one of the most famous cinematic scenes ever; when Darth Vader declares that he IS the father (without being pressured by┬áMaury, what a guy).


This week’s story is Help Wanted by MegumiFuu of

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Ep. 28 George Lucas Ruins Everything

The Nerd Rage is strong in Gizzy as we discuss how George Lucas ruins yet another classic scene in the original Star Wars trilogy. The Space Pirate Queen and Fortune Cookie marvel at the easy access to anime kids have these days and then go on to rant about how ungrateful these goddamn hipsters are. In Darth Vader’s words: “No!” Fanfic Theatre is all about Lucy Lawless lovin’ this week.