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Ep. 65 Defective Geeks x PodCrash with That Chris Gore!

Listen to our third live show at the Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, California with Chris Gore! We delve into the wonders and secrets of Lady Geeks and how the male geeks should proceed if they want to date us and get into our superhero underwear. Lots of tales of love and woe between everyone! Chris also indulges the ladies with a round of raunchy, Star Trek Fanfic Theater.

Ep. 47 Ryan Glitch and Geek Love

The Lady Geeks interview our first guest on the podcast, Ryan Glitch, founder of Sci Fi Speed Dating which is featured on TLC on their show Geek Love. We talk about the many highs and some lows of geeky speed dating. Us nerds have a lot of love to give and we all deserve to find our true love!

Ep. 42 Finding Love with Boba Fett

The Lady Defective Geeks wraps up the year by not talking about the holidays but by discussing a very important topic: geeks and love. They discuss aspects of a nerd fantasy world about dating and falling in love, fear of rejection and getting rejected. We tell tales of real life situations such as Swedish boys who look like hobbits or boys in coffee shops who look like Prince Caspian.