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Ep. 17 A Little Homicidal Sweetheart



In this week’s episode James and Giselle discuss this year’s most heartwarming family film: Deadpool 2. No, really! The movie is totally about the importance of family. And violence. And obscenity. And, ya know, other moral stuff. Wibbly wobbly timey wimey! Woohoo!


Fanart GLEE: Deadpool

Deadpool Colors

fanart by paco850 @

I know most of you (half of you? Many of you?) are even more excited now about the Deadpool movie after the first red band trailer was released this week. In honor of our favorite mercenary with a mouth, this week’s Fanart Glee is all about Deadpool. I think we can all agree that he is possibly one of the most beloved comic book character. You can’t go to a comic convention without spotting a herd of Deadpool cosplayers… and if you don’t like him, you more than likely do not have a sense of humor. Just saying.

Seriously, guys. Why won’t you just let him love you?

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