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Canada and Future Contest

I broke open my Canadian piggy bank and I have $11.40 in Canadian dollars! Whoo hoo! I am ready for my Vancouver trip!… What? Don’t we all have a Canadian piggy bank?

This Thursday, I’ll be taking a trip to Vancouver, Canada to hang out with some of my best friends. We’ll be sightseeing– and yes; we’ll be attending the Supernatural convention this weekend. I love having friends who are as dorky as I am. Yes, there will be photos and reports when I get back from my trip.

Most importantly, we will be having our first-ever Defective Geeks contest! The prizes will be revealed when I get back and it will be a simple enter-to-win for all. Stay tuned, and see you next week with all sorts of goodies!

Switch over a success!

I’ve finally buckled down and forced myself to learn how to integrate and customize this blog through wordpress… and so far, it has been a worth it transition despite the few headaches and bumps I encountered these past couple of nights. Now, I don’t have to rely on blogger and everything is comfortably nestled here on the homebase!

Not only that, but everyone should welcome a new addition to our bloggers here– Valerie, aka Fortune Cookie! I hope she’ll write about something soon…!!! This place could use some fresh content that’s not from ME all the time!

Thanks to all our phantom readers out there, even if you don’t exist. Watch out for exciting things happening around here (ooh! ahh!)


Look like Blogger/Blogspot is getting rid of their FTP option– which means I have to figure out what will I do with this blog for this website. Eek! Maybe it’s time to move to WordPress.

Anyways, please excuse us for a while here. We will probably be going “under construction” sooner than later!

For now, follow me on my twitter account, yeah?

Update on Jeff

Dear non-existant readers– you will not know who I am talking about but he is supposed to be one of our reporters for this blog– my dear buddy, Jeff aka JeffIsDancing. Jeff has left the sunny skies of Southern California to pursue a temporary stint of teaching English in Japan.

Check out his blog!
Teaching in Tohoku … there’s pictures and stuff! Oooo. Pictures.