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Ep. 218 Darling Stewie


In this episode Gizzy B chats with Darling Stewie, co-founder of the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club, blogger, and proud self-proclaimed Hufflepuff. They discuss the IGGPPC, the importance of a positive geek community, Geek Girl Brunch, and try to figure out what powers they would get if they could just find a vat of toxic waste to fall into (that’s a good plan, right?). Make sure to check out Darling Stewie at her blog, and IGN’s Robot Uprising Design Contest

WeLoveFine-RobotUprising is hosting a new t-shirt design contest in partnership with IGN Entertainment. The theme? ROBOT UPRISING!

They want you to design your version of mechanical apocalypse of robotic battle and destruction. Or maybe it can be a cute version of robots taking over the world. Or maybe you can steampunk the heck out of your design! Robot cats with laser eyes! Designer and artists, go check out the contest right now at

Judges include IGN’s Editor-in-Chief, Chris Carle; our fellow lady geek favorite, Bonnie Burton; and the organizers of RoboGames, David Calkins and Simon Davalos.

The winning designer can win up to $1,500 and submission starts now until April 2, 2013. Go to for more details!