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Unfinished [Anime] Business

We all have our favorite anime – the ones we will perpetually always tell friends they just have to watch with a crazy look in our eyes as we grip their shoulders tight [btw you should watch FMA: Brotherhood no srsly go watch it WATCH IT NOW]. But what about the ones that don’t make the cut? What about these anime turns us away before even finishing one season? Or stopping in the middle of one?

I’m generally not a very picky person when it comes to being entertained, but there have been some anime in my life that I have stopped watching, and I decided to go through and figure out what it was about some of these that got me to stop.

Please note that I am not saying these anime are bad. I’m simply stating what I, personally, didn’t enjoy about them. thx <3

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My Anime Line Up for Fall


The summer of anime is almost over! It was really a good one, too [you can check out my review of Free! Iwatobi Swim Club]. I’m caught on on Shingeki no Kyojin [Attack on Titan], and so now I am both crying and laughing each week with the two animes.

But I digress, because now I am excited to talk about which anime I will be wasting hours on this coming fall.

The biggest theme I am seeing here is female focused anime, which will be a nice break I suppose from all the male-dominated stuff I have been watching as of late. However, I still haven’t seen anything that has really got me super excited at a first glance, so it will be interesting to see which anime I am still watching at the end of the season.

Which anime are you looking forward to this fall? Let me know! Maybe it’s something else I should be checking out.

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