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Ep. 132 Tatooine’s Fish Tacos


In a galaxy far, far away, our Lady Geeks fantasize about the greatest fish tacos that will unite the light and dark side of the Force and will bring peace to the entire galaxy. Because they are that damn good. Also — Thor in Disneyland, finally?!

Disneyland’s Innoventions Features Stark Industries

Disneyland 6/2/13

Innoventions is an often neglected attraction at Tomorrowland in Disneyland. There is hardly any wait to get inside but it’s a great indoor area to sit around and play. Or just get away from the park crowd and from the sun when it’s hot!  Innovention is Disney’s family friendly take on a the future of technology and everyday living.

Currently, the main attraction inside Innovention is Iron Man! What a fun idea to collaborate with Stark Industries and display all the suits that were used in the movies. Yet another advantage to the Marvel x Disney marriage. Too bad the Avengers are not “characters” who walk around at the park yet. . . Can you imagine Thor hanging out at Fantasyland?

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Trader Sam’s, the Awesome BadAss Bastard Child of The Tiki Room

So after many failed missions to go to the famed Trader Sam’s the interactive Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Hotel, where certain drinks allegedly made bar stools go down and Volcanoes erupt, my friends and I finally checked it out last week. Giselle, Quintein and I marveled at the ambiance of the place. It IS like a disneyland attraction but a BAR at the same time- Very much like the bad-ass child of the Tiki-Room. Trader Sam’s is also filled with many gifts and letters from friends such as Indiana Jones and one Captain Jack Sparrow.

While Quintein and I looked through the awesome island themed drinks, Giselle announced she was going to order a secret drink! THE NEVERLAND TEA!!!! Which if I had an android phone at the time I would’ve hopped right on the internet to look up the secret menu. I resolved to check it out as soon as I had a chance.

That night Quintein and I ordered the Uh-Oa! drink which came in a bowl set ABLAZE, the bar went dark, a volcano started to erupt as everyone joined in the “Uh-Oa!” chant while Quintein and I tossed nutmeg into the flames to make FIREWORKS!! Oh and it started raining in the bar.

That drink was so awesome, IT SET FIRE TO THE RAIN

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Ep. 55 Team Evil Queen

The Lady Geeks discuss the not-so-innocent behind the scenes experiences and stories of people who work at Disneyland, specifically, the tale of a Jack Sparrow. Then go off on a tangent about the TV show, Once Upon A Time. It’s sooooooo good, you guys. Other topics include hydrating, bachelorettes and Skullgirls.

One More Disney Day, Why We’re Disneyland Nerds

On February 29, 2012, Disneyland decided to open the park for an entire 24 hours. Gizzy B and I are both annual pass holders and we didn’t want to pass up the chance to be at the park after hours. We thought it would be cool to hang out at the park at 2am in the morning and be able to say that we did it. We just didn’t anticipate the insanity of having every single Southern California Disney fan show up that day and night. Apparently, everyone had the same idea. It was insanity!

I regret nothing.

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Geeking Out At Disneyland: the NEW Star Tours Ride

We conquered the newly revamped Star Tours ride at Disneyland last week. Wholia came all the way out from Utah to visit for the weekend and we used it as an excuse to renew our Disneyland annual passes. We spent a whole day shoving children out of our way and rode as many rides as we could in one day.

We waited for over an hour for this new Star Tours experience-  not bad in comparison to the 2-3 hours wait others endured when the ride first opened earlier this month. It was totally worth it. To kill time during the wait, we started filming and managed to put together the first ever Defective Geeks movie. We also introduce another honorary Defective Geeks, Missy. This film is compelling! Funny! Exciting! …FULL. OF. ACTION!

Just watch it. It’s kind of awesome. Even though I only have iMovie to edit it (super amateur…).

If you’re having trouble viewing it above, click here to view it directly on youtube.

Disneyland 6/9/2011
Our awesome group at Disneyland that day. Hell yeah.

Mickey’s Birthday Wish

A Disneyland Pre-Birthday :)

My boyfriend and I made casual plans to celebrate my pre-birthday weekend at Disneyland and California Adventures, which turned into a full on excursion with Fortune Cookie and another friend of ours. We managed to ride the best rides in the course of the day, including Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tower of Terror, watched Captain EO, and a late night whirl at Matterhorn. It was the perfect weather to frolic in Mickey Mouse’s Southern California home.

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Potter x Disney


I arrived at Disneyland a little late that day and so I missed the morning get together. Didn’t get to sign up for the Coin Quest, after all… maybe next year?! I’m going to re-read all the books! Okay, I probably won’t. Is there a Harry Potter wiki website I can peruse, maybe? Ha!

My friend, Julia, and I hung out for most of the day and spotted some wizards walking around, collecting coins. Although we didn’t get to participate in the day long game, we were LUCKY enough to watch Stevie Wonder film for the ABC Christmas Special in front of the castle! So watch out for us… we might be on TV on Christmas day, dancing to Stevie’s performance!

disneyland - STEVIE WONDER!

I think this free concert with a musical legend made having a Disneyland annual pass totally worth it!

Julia left early in the evening, and I was about to go home, myself– but then another group of friends called me just in time to say that they just arrived at the park! We went to the night gathering of the Harry Potter fans. I took some photos (which was all I wanted to do) while they handed out prizes and be Potter geeks together. I thought it was adorable. I missed the days when I got together with my high school buddies just to nerd out on Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings… sigh!!!


The rest of the photos can be viewed in this flickr set!