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Beecake, Monaghan, and Oscar Nominees: The One Expected Oscar Party Part II

The first part of the Space Pirate Queen’s and my epic Tolkien themed Oscar evening can be read here. This part, the second part, is about the live performances and guest appearances that followed the oh so delicious buffet and open bar at the American Legion Hall on Oscar Sunday. Yet again, this fantastic event was hosted by

The One Expected Party 2013

Ahh yes, Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan. The Space Pirate Queen and I are quite the Merry and Pippin fans, so seeing these two on stage interacting with each other was an absolute treat. As always, they were both delightful and thoroughly entertaining. I felt like it was 2003 again. Sigh.

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Ep. 98 And We Complain About Google Hangout

In this episode, we go old school with Gizzy B and the Space Pirate Queen are left to their own devices. So they spend an hour of the podcast gushing about how amazing The One Expected Party was during Oscar night. Stalking Dominic Monaghan never gets old, apparently. Fanfic Theater: The Immortals.

Hobbits, Buffet, and Open Bar: The One Expected Oscar Party

Not very often does an event combine all of my favorite things, but this past Sunday I got to attend an event that not only included the world of Tolkien, but also included dressing up, a buffet, and an open bar. I am referring, of course, to The One Expected Party hosted by

The One Expected Party 2013

The Space Pirate Queen and I were lucky enough to attend this Oscar party and divulge in everything nerdy and decadent. The event was held at the American Legion Hall in Los Angeles and was themed, naturally, after The Hobbit.

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Nerd HQ, Year One

A few weeks before San Diego Comic Con, I started to notice more and more people using the hashtag ‘#NerdHQ’— a mystery event. After investigating, I traced it back to The Nerd Machine, a site founded by Chuck’s Zachary Levi. Naturally, I was giddily curious. A NERD headquarter?! I was picturing a giant tree house for nerds. With geek tech blinking and making noises inside, comic books, toys and all that cool shit.

Turned out, Levi’s vision was almost as good as mine and within less than a month he organized an off-shoot Comic Con event. The headquarters established itself and set up its shop a block away from the convention at Jolt n’ Joe bar and restaurant.

Nerd HQ 2011
I fail at looking sultry. Gizzy, on the other hand, is an expert.

You do not need to have a Comic Con badge to enter Nerd HQ but they did sell tickets to the individual “Conversations” events throughout the weekend. The money went to charity, Operation Smile, and the event raised $40k ( Pretty amazing but not surprising! Each “Conversation” panel that Nerd HQ offered was only $20 a pop but you spend an hour with the guests and then most of them had a free autograph session afterwards. Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Felicia Day, Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin were among some of the stars that participated in these panels.

Who did Gizzy and I went to see?

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Ep. 1 Podcast Premiere! Hobbit Pervy Fanciers: The Origin Story

The Defective Geekers have decided to leap onto the podcast boat, hosted by yours truly and Gizzy. Please enjoy the first episode and excuse us as we fumble a little here and there… we’re awkward geeks. We will put up new episodes as regularly as possible. Let us know what you think!

Wishlist: We could use an original theme song, if anyone would want to write us one ;]

San Diego Comic Com 2009 – Report Part 2

Fortunately for me, two panels I wanted to see were consecutive in the same room. My friend, Giselle, and I enjoyed the Coraline panel with Neil Gaiman, who I was delighted to see in person. The FlashForward panel was right after, which we wanted to stick around for just to see John Cho in person.

sdcc 2009 / flash forward panel

What can I say? I love, love, LOVE the Harold and Kumar flicks, and not to mention he was pretty awesome as Young Sulu.

Giselle and I also ended up channeling our own inner Twitardness that weekend and flipped our shit when they bought Dominic Monaghan out as a special, surprise guest on the panel! Since the Lord of the Rings trilogy came out, the hobbit actors has been kind of our Beatles for awhile… specifically Mr. Monaghan, who made us swoon in all sorts of horrible, fangirl ways (ew, girls swooning!).

They also screened about half of the pilot for the audience and admittedly, I am already hooked! The plot has an apocalyptic sort of theme, which I am a sucker for. I recommend it for anyone looking for a good, sci-fi series to follow on a network channel. It’ll premiere on ABC in the fall season!

sdcc 2009 / flash forward panel sdcc2009 / giselle with a john cho kisses
The boys throwing Hershey Kisses to the crowd and Giselle enjoying her John-Cho-Kiss after the panel!

sdcc2009 / me with adam baldwin After dawdling a bit and running into Gene Simmons outside the panel rooms, we headed down to the Exhibit Hall to look for the FlashForward signing (in hopes that Dominic will be there, too…). I spotted Adam Baldwin on the floor, charging people for autographs and photos– and I gladly paid the $10 to take a picture with him! The X-Files and Firefly geek in me couldn’t pass up the chance!

To our surprise, the line for FlashFoward wasn’t filled up already by the time we got there. It was even one of the more faster lines I stood in during the convention! I wished I had said something more than “Can I take a photo with you guys?”; but things move quickly in these lines and I was busy trying to get Giselle’s photos with her screenwriter hero, David S. Goyer. Such is a con-life, I suppose.

sdcc2009 sdcc2009
sdcc 2009 / flash forward signing sdcc 2009 / flash forward signing

sdcc 2009 / flash forward signing
Obviously, Dom did not show up for the signing… :( But I lived. Don’t worry.

sdcc 2009 / flash forward signing

sdcc2009 sdcc2009
One of the better Joker cosplayer that weekend; and who spells “Lucy” that way??

San Diego Celebrity-Con— I mean, Comic Con!

I present to everyone a rant about SDCC before I start posting my happy report and photos…

San Diego Comic Con has turned into a marathon of how many celebrities can be spotted– kind of sad. Especially when you see the separation in the Exhibit Hall; the “movie side” is always hella crowded and the “comic book” side is never as crowded. But the convention has gotten stupider like that each year, so I didn’t expect any less from its star-struck attendees. Besides, I’m guilty of getting excited over John Cho and Dominic Monaghan myself…

… Though less appreciative of Robert Downey Jr’s Elite bodyguards shoving me out of the way. What a bunch of dicks. This always seems to happen to me at this con. I am unsuspectingly in the way of some A-list celeb I could give a shit about harassing in person, so I get manhandled. One of these days, I’m going to kick someone in the nuts for it.

And then don’t get me started on the ridiculous lines for the panels. It’s getting really stupid, guys, and someone needs to start using their noggin’ to find a solution for it. Trust me, it’s not that hard to solve the problem. People should not be standing in line for 2-3 hours and then only to not be guaranteed a seat to a panel they want to see. We aren’t paying for these badges, taking time off from work, and spending hundreds on hotel/food/etc. to waste away in the sun while standing in line.

To think… they plan to raise the badge prices next year too. Thank goodness I get in as a pro!