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Ep. 135 Water-Something Shot


While the Southern California girls melt in the heat, Pilbeam introduces her new segment – ‘What, what!’  — where she talks about facts about England that we might find surprising or confusing. This heat delirious conversations goes into drunk Valerie, inappropriate ghost touching, scrunchies and Heroes of Cosplay. Fanfic Theater: Star Wars.

Ep. 83 Toilet Sexism

The Lady Geeks show a little Go Obama! action as they podcast during Election Night 2012. Drunk But Sleepy Valerie returns while we discuss Pilbeam’s past issues with Toilet Sexism at her former workplace, Wreck-It-Ralph, Thanksgiving and drawing naked people.

Ep. 77 Hipster Moshpit

Gizzy B returns with some jack and coke to avenge her sober self from Drunk Valerie. All the whilst, the Lady Geek talk about the practice of art snobbery, hipsters and the knowledge one can find inside the pages of a manga. Fanfic Theater: Supernatural x Labyrinth.

Ep. 76 Hashtag Drunk Valerie

The Lady Geeks moves with the future and experiments with Google Hangout on this episode. Drunk Valerie joins the show, laughing at all our feelings as we discuss which movies (or books or television shows…) that has brought tears to our delicate, lady features. Fanfic Theater: Star Wars x Transformers.