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Ep. 237 Tokyo Drift Drunkcast, Part 1


Vito Lapiccola from Comics on Comics joins the Space Pirate Queen and Gizzy B at The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach for a night of drinking (one bottle of beer each… we crazy). We re-watch Tokyo Drift together and this is the first half of our movie ramblings.

Ep. 155 Drunkast: Pocahontas


Ever wonder what it sounds like when three girls are watching Disney movies while drinking sparkling wine? Well, here at the Defective Geeks podcast we are constantly striving to make your dreams come true. Listen to the Lady Geeks make awkward, tipsy commentaries while playing a drinking game to Pocahontas and fail at not being offensive.

Ep. 110 Vampcast at Alex’s Bar

The Lady Geeks sits in the real-world Fangtasia at Alex’s Bar where True Blood filmed for its first season. This episode is all about vampires and we welcome Scarlettburn to her first podcast — she is probably the biggest vampire fanatic on Defective Geeks. Listen as we drink, chat and go deeply in vampire lore and pop culture.


Ep. 90 Star Trek Drunkcast


Pilbeam, Gizzy B and the Space Pirate Queen breaks out the drinks once again to play a ‘Star Trek’ drinking game. Listen as the ladies watch the original series, episode ‘Trouble with Tribbles’, after consuming a bottle of red wine and struggle with melted marshmallows. We get pretty ridiculous.