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Geek Girl Con 2011: A Visit to the EMP Museum

I managed to squeeze in a quick museum visit at the EMP Museum – which was also hosting panels and events with Geek Girl Con, including a special panel with writer, Jane Espenson. The museum is neat, dedicated to mostly music and science fiction exhibitions at the moment. My main reason for making the effort to go was to see their Battlestar Galactica collection. It was pretty frakkin’ cool! They had life size models of the space vehicles and costumes displayed.

Seattle 2011

The exhibit both had elements from the original series and the new series most of us have come to love. I also checked out their Avatar exhibit. I’m not a big fan of the movie but it was still interesting to see the different artwork and objects used in the movie production. I love that this museum is dedicated to science fiction, horror and alternative music. It’s very unique and awesome for geeks. It was the perfect space to host Geek Girl Con events.

Check out my photos from inside the museum.

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