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Geekmas Time Is Here!

Christmas season is upon us, and now more than ever there are many geek gifting options.

I’ve seeing the various geeky gifts lists pop up here and there, gifts for lady geeks, gifts for dude geeks, gifts for lazy geeks, and so on.

But lets be honest, tis the season of giving, and buying for our fellow geeky friends what we could never justify buying for ourselves. Not because we don’t love treating ourselves to well earned gifts, but because sometimes we feel a tad bit guilty buying those $20.00 geek themed cookie cutters when we should probably spend that money responsibly, like on booze or kitty litter.

I have compiled a list of 10 awesomely geeky gifts that we love, and would love to receive, though we might not necessarily buy for ourselves. However, we would have zero problems buying this for our friends or significant others (hint hint, significants!) I have also made this list completely absent of t-shirts and leggings, much as I love them, I think we can aim to be a little more creative than what we normally give our fellow geeks.

10. Virtually Vintage – 3D Geek Ornaments ($10.00/ea)



These 3D ornaments are rather gorgeous, and would be an amazing addition to any geek themed Christmas tree.

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Show your love for POP! Shoppe! The place to get all your Handmade Pop Culture Needs!

Have you guys ever wanted to show your love for your favorite show or comic book so much so that you’re willing to wear it, and yes, even drink from it?

Look no further! A new shop has just opened on Etsy called POP! Shoppe!  This little online store showcases custom designs by Lauren H, a TV and movie writer with a love for geek & pop culture. Featured right now is the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Glass Oval Necklace, Hunger Games and Parks & Recreation mugs. You may custom order the glass, oval necklaces and choose from several other designs like Batman, Angel, and The Simpsons, as well as different colors.

Glass Oval Necklaces $10.00

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