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Awesome Fanfic Monday: Batman Style

Hello and welcome to the premiere post of our new regular segment, Awesome Fanfic Monday!

Twice a month we will feature one of our favorite pieces of fan fiction and talk about what makes it so special. One of the reasons why I wanted to start this segment is because fan fiction can be an easy source for giggles. I mean, haven’t we all read the infamous My Immortal and laughed until we cried? Sometimes though I think people get so caught up in the endearingly hilarious stories like My Immortal that they forget there are some pretty righteous pieces of writing out there that deserve some credit.

And what could be more ceremonious than starting off a segment with none other than fan fiction from Batman? I mean, come on. It’s Batman. 


For our very first Awesome Fanfic Monday I would like to feature one of my favorite pieces, Never Walk Away by Stoneage Woman. 

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Ep. 231 Drift Queens


We’re sorry but not really sorry that the majority of this podcast is about Tokyo Drift and Han Seoul-Oh. Come on. His name is Han Seoul-Oh. It counts as geek-y! We give away a couple of Ovaries Explosion Award and also address this weekend’s past event.

Ep. 219 The Betrayal of 2015


Listen to why the Space Pirate Queen and Gizzy B has given up all hope in life and why there is no other choice but to weep a river of sad, fangirl tears. But in other news, we announced our first winner to the Ovaries Explosion Award of 2015! Fanfic Theatre: Pirate’s of the Caribbean x Godzilla.

Ep. 160 Hermione’s True Love Story


The Lady Geeks delve into a passionate discussion about J.K. Rowling’s recent “regrets” in pairing Hermione with Ron (aka this is Harry Potter talk) and hash out her true love story post-Voldermort in the Wizarding World. We also discuss why people are so afraid of girls with short hair.