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Comic Book Nostalgia: The Archie Reboot


In 2015, Archie will be “rebooted” with Mark Weid and one of my favorite artist, Fiona Staples to celebrate its 75th anniversary. When I came across this on my newsfeed on Twitter, my brain pretty much imploded. I grew up on Archie comics. For awhile, I really latched onto the world, going back and forth between Team Betty and Team Veronica and then deciding that everyone sucks except for Jughead. I must have absorbed plenty of life lessons from reading millions of Archie books.

So yes, I’m a bit excited to see the new look for the comic book and for this relaunch!

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Comics, Its What’s For Dinner

All of us geeks know a few things about comics and love to find a new diamond in the rough when the occasion presents itself. I’m fortunate enough to also have a fiancé who knows my taste in graphic novels and surprises me every few months with something new for me to obsess over. This was how I was introduced to the comic Irredeemable written by Mark Waid first drawn by Peter Krause and then taken over by father and son team Diego and Eduardo Barreto. I also became a HUGE fan of Brian K. Vaughn after reading Y:The Last Man and sought out the new on-going series Saga written by Brian K. Vaughn and artist Fiona Staples. Both titles have not disappointed.


Irredeemable just recently ended, but since I’ve been following it in trade paperbacks I’ve been behind on my reading, and I was only recently able to catch up with the story and devour it a week ago.

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