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Great Halloween Movies: Every Hammer Film Ever Made

Hammer Films had a huge influence on me as a child. They encouraged my love for film and particularly my love for horror. Once upon a time, for the whole month of October, AMC had “Monster Fest”. I looked forward to this every year. AMC would show all of the old classics, and many of these movies were the beautiful Hammer Films. They were gothic, macabre, eerie, erotic, and atmospheric. They were everything the imagination craved, yet feared.

One of my particular favorites.

I do have my favorites, but I feel that for my “Halloween Flicks” list, it wouldn’t be right to leave out any Hammer Film. So, I’ve decided to celebrate and gush about all of them. Yes, there are the great ones and the not so great ones, but even the films that fall into the latter category have their worth and are much better than most of the horror movies that are released today.

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ART: Frankenstein and His Bride

A few days ago, I offered cheap watercolor commissions to my twitter followers. Only one person jumped at the offer, but that’s okay, because it was no other than Steve Niles! He said he collects artwork of Frankenstein and his Bride. This idea immediately popped in my mind and I did a couple of sketches of it.

I like how the final piece turned out. I’m glad to have had the excuse to take some time and break out the watercolors! I also did something I’ve never done before and filmed myself while I was painting. I edited and sped the video up to share with you. Hope it’s not too boring and I apologize for the crappy lighting in my room. I really do need to get a drawing lamp badly. Yikes.

I’m still available for cheap commissions (and I’m down for trades too!), so if anyone else is interested, hit me up!