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The Comic Bug’s Free Comic-Con Day 2015

Free Comic Book Day 2015

The Comic Bug stepped it up several notches during this year’s Free Comic Book Day — for the first time, our favorite comic book store hosted Free Comic-Con Day! The event was held at the Culver City Teen Center and housed a large artist alley inside the building, which overflowed into the parking lot. That’s where we set up shop along with our fellow creators and geeks.

Want to see what the event looked like? Watch our video and check out more photos after the jump!

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Happy Free Comic Book Day! (A day late)

We hope you all had a lovely Free Comic Book Day yesterday!

Usually, my trips to the comic store involve me quietly staring at books with way-too-much-intensity, trying to best decide how to spend my money, but it’s always a nice change of pace to have a fun free-for-all event there! Saturday, there were tons of new and old fans swarming about to grab their free issues while enjoying nerd comradeship and fun little extras provided by the store.

I headed out to Dreamworld Comics to grab my free books for the year, and it was abuzz with sounds of nerdy joy.

What a turnout. Even tiny Batman came by to say hi!

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Free Comic Book Day 2013

free comic book day 2013

Once again, Defective Geeks joined The Comic Bug for another round of Free Comic Book Day last Saturday. We arrived before the event opened that morning and I was amazed at the long line that was already waiting outside of the store! All kinds of free books waited inside the Bug, from children’s comics to horror to your classic Batman or Avengers. I just wanted to grab everything and run. There was also quite a number of great artists who were offering free sketches to anyone who had lined up to get their free books. There were also balloon animals and face painting for the kids — or adults!

Check out all our photos from the event after the jump.

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It’s May the 4th, Free Comic Book Day

It’s that time of the year again — and do as Wolverine says: go find your local comic book store and party with your fellow comic readers over some free books! For many of us, a trip to a comic book store may be part of our regular routine but Free Comic Book Day encourages everybody to stop by and rediscover the community closer to their neighborhood. Time to get off the internet and talk to real people about the latest Iron Man or Batman books. Or perhaps, discover a cool, indie series that you may never have noticed unless you took the time browsing the bookshelves.

Defective Geeks will be hanging out at The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, California again this year.  We will be bringing candy and the fun that only the Defective Ladies can do.

Check out the list of creators that will be at the Bug on the event page on Facebook!


We hope to see you there!

VIDEO: Free Comic Book Day 2012 @ The Comic Bug

Pictures and a write up not good enough for you to absorb all the awesomeness of our time at Free Comic Book Day at The Comic Bug?

Have no fear! I’ve whipped up a video for you! Inside are interviews with geeks young and young at heart, brief looks around the event, and a special interview with Ryan with The Hero Initiative: a not-for-profit organization to help give comic book creators the financial support they need!

Apologies for the audio! It was a super busy (and windy) event!

More Photos: Flickr

The Comic Bug
The Hero Initiative

Free Comic Book Day 2012 at The Comic Bug

On May 5th, my fellow Defective Geeks and I were lucky enough to attend Free Comic Book Day at The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach. This was actually my first Free Comic Book Day, so I was particularly excited. Not only was this event great because of the delicious free comics, but it was a wonderful opportunity to make new connections and chat with fellow geeks.


We had a booth in the neighboring room with some other fabulous vendors. I couldn’t help but feel strangely official and legitimate with our fancy shmancy booth. I mean, check out this name tag. It wasn’t even hand written! It’s like, nicely printed and stuff. It’s so pretty and shiny (Thanks, Comic Bug!).

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Free Comic Book Day at The Comic Bug

This year, we’ll be joining The Comic Bug for Free Comic Book Day! Come out and hang out with Gizzy B, Fortune Cookie, Pilbeam (who is visiting from England, whoo!), Sailor Mizz and our newest recruit, Wicked Phoenix.

There is no better reason to party than free comic books all day. Go to the store’s website at for more information.

Watch this video to see all the goodies that the Bug is gonna have for you!

See you all there!