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Ep. 26 Welcome to Fright Night!



Who loves talking about 1980s vampire flicks? James and Giselle do! This week the hosts talk about 1985 campy classic “Fright Night.” They discuss everything from Jerry Dandrige as a vamp villain, Amy’s ever growing fabulous 80s hair, Peter Vincent’s theatrical make up, and how the movie is one big love letter to the 1960s vampire horror genre. 


Support Scary Vampires: Go See ‘Fright Night’

Once upon a time, vampires were cool. For years, vampires were vicious, malevolent, cruel, and manipulative soulless creatures with fangs. They didn’t want us to be their soul mates, they wanted us to be dinner and that’s why we loved them. This depiction, which in many cultures dates back to the Pre-Christian era, is being threatened.

The classic vampire, Nosferatu.

Ever since Twilight, the depiction of this once brutal monster has been radically altered. Now, vampires are sensitive, they hate killing, they have PMS, they want girlfriends, they’re celibate, and they sparkle. They fucking sparkle.

Everyday more television shows and books are produced showing vampires in this light (and not burning to a crisp). You, the fan of the traditional vampire, may be telling yourself, “I’m only one person, there’s nothing I can do to make a difference.” I’m here to tell you that there is something you can do. You can help stop this unjust treatment of the once badass bloodthirsty creature.

“How?” you ask yourself.

Here’s how: Go see Fright Night.

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Why This Horror Fan Is Looking Forward To ‘Fright Night’

Remakes have become the bane of movie enthusiasts, particularly with horror movies. I’m not entirely against the idea, except remakes are (usually) poorly executed and only done for the sake of getting the studio a little extra cash without having to worry about such things as, oh, creativity and originality.

The poster for the original Fright Night

There have been so many remakes of iconic horror movies that have been lackluster or simply awful. The reason why earlier I said I’m not entirely against the idea is because if a remake of a story were taken seriously, it could be an interesting and creative new take that adds a new layer. Unfortunately, the trend is to just make a carbon copy or a dumbed down version of the original that make the fans and anyone with an IQ want to stab their eyes out. Over the past so many years it seems that we have been flooded with these remakes.  Off of the top of my head the worst ones that come to mind are Prom Night, My Bloody Valentine, The Hitcher, The Wicker Man, and The Fog.


There are exceptions to this, of course. Dawn of the Dead, The Last House on the Left, The Ring, and one of the most terrifying movies ever, John Carpenter’s The Thing, are exceptional remakes. It’s sad that the ratio of good to awful remakes is so vast because whenever I hear of yet another movie being remade my immediate reaction is that of frustration and grief.

When I discovered that Fright Night, one of my favorite vampire movies ever was being remade, I was mortified. I knew that the need for this remake was because of the recent vampire craze thanks to a certain sparkly d-bag, so on top of everything else I was immediately resentful. Fright Night is not only scary, it’s funny, sexy, and has the wonderful Roddy McDowall as Peter Vincent, actor turned vampire killer. I didn’t want this great vampire movie getting a “Twilight” treatment. As time went on I kept tabs on the project, fearing the worst.

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