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Join us for Gal-entine’s Day 2014 – The GEEK Edition!

Geek Gals, time to show your love!

It’s that time of year again, to battle the onslaught of Valentine’s Day mushiness with a day just for us girls to celebrate friendships!

This will be my third year hosting this event, but this time, Defective Geeks is joining in the fun! You lovely ladies can bring Valentines for other guests, or small treats to share! Totally optional! Feel free to just show up and say hi!

The venue this year will be at the Wellesbourne, a romantic Shakesperian-themed bar on the Westside. The Wellesbourne has amazing cocktails, and a Foosball table, to boot! We will have a few tables in the Game room (located on the right of the bar) so come and join us!

Lovey-dovey or geek attire encouraged, but not mandatory ♥
**This is a girl’s only event! Boys, we’ll see you some other time– this one’s for the ladies!

Click here to RSVP at the Facebook event page.

— — —

Don’t live in Los Angeles? Create your own Gal-entine’s Day party with your lady friends for February and share your photos and stories with us!