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Ep. 105 Garrett Calcaterra


We have a fun discussion with Garrett Calcaterra, author of Dreamwielder and . . . Gizzy B’s writing teacher from high school! He talks about writing dark speculative fiction, his inspirations and teaching at an art high school. Gizzy B and him even geek out over some Star Wars and Game of Thrones. Listen to this episode if you’re interested in learning more about writing, digital publishing from someone who teachers writing. Check him out at

A Game of Thrones Birthday Party

Lady Yume Ninja of was kindly enough to invite the kingdom of Defective Geeks to her birthday celebration. The theme was Game of Thrones and for one night, all rivalry was put aside for a party of costumes, food and getting silly with all our too-busy and creative friends.

Yumeninja's Game of Thrones Birthday

I went as closet-cosplay dragon, aka I just put my Happy Hoodie Friends dragon hat on and called it a day. (didn’t have time to go all out… I had to work that day. Sad face). Surprisingly, we were lacking a Daenerys and so I didn’t get to perch on anyone. Gizzy B went as ‘Drunk Cersei’ and lived up to her character’s reputation that night.

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VIDEO GAME: Games of Thrones RPG ‘This is War’ Trailer

With the success of Games of Thrones as a novel and then as a television series on HBO comes the RPG game for Playstation 3, XBox 360 and PC which will be available on May 15th, 2012. The game was developed with the help of the author and creator of the series, George R.R. Martin.

Check out the trailer above and the website for the game at!

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Ep. 9 Geek Girls Are Not So Easy

Our Lady DefectiveGeekers prove themselves to be quite un-ladylike with their nerdy, fantasy, sci-fi-y ways. They delve into the perception of certain bloggers on New York Times about women not having a particular interest on the fantasy genre. But guess what? We will watch Games of Thrones with great anticipation. We also do protest that your book clubs aren’t reading The Hobbit first– SO THERE!