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Geek Girl Con 2011: Not Just for Girls

Geek Girl Con 2011When Geek Girl Con was first announced over the online geek community, the reactions were quite mixed. Of course, “the haters” were very much present and vocalized their distaste for a convention claiming to be a “geek girls only” club. Not quite sure why people are so allergic with the wold “girl” or “girls” but it was interesting to see the whole situation play out.

The convention’s vice president, Tammy Vince Cruz, connected with me via twitter about a year ago and we began chatting. She kept hinting that I needed to come out for the convention until I eventually broke down and purchased a flight to Seattle. I personally dug the idea, obviously. I love their mission statement: to raise awareness of how women are involved in every aspect of geek culture, whether it be Star Wars, comic books or science and math.

Geek Girl Con was one of the best conventions I’ve attended in a long time. I will write more  about this convention with better photos but for now, here’s my Geek Girl Con highlights as told by photos from my phone.

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