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GEEK LIFE: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?


Let’s all just admit it. Most days, we feel like everyone else is doing fun stuff without us. You feel like you’re just sitting in your own cave, watching Netflix while all your friends are high fiving each other on a flying, real life Tardis that one of their other cooler friend made for that one party that you weren’t invited to. Then you tell yourself that it’s okay because you’re kind of a boring person anyways and no one wants to hang out with you. EVER. The cycle of feeling bad for yourself continues forever.

Well, my fellow geeks — it’s time to buck up.

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GEEK LIFE: The Shy Girl

Photo found on Pinterest

Many of you can probably relate to growing up shy and feeling awkward. I was a very shy and dorky child/teenager. I was quick to embrace “unique awkwardness” but my passiveness was a negative trait according to adults. I was told by teachers and adults that I needed to get over my shyness. That I needed to participate in class more, to speak up more for myself, and to talk more in general. It’s an overwhelming feeling to be forced out of my personality comfort zone and I spent most of my school days terrified of having to speak in front of a classroom.

Today,I am no longer scared of speaking out and showing off who I am. Just this past year, I’ve already done several live podcast shows with Defective Geeks. Overcoming my shyness was not easy and it took me years and years. I’m still shy in a lot of ways. The journey is different for everyone and I can’t give an exact guideline on a How-To NOT be shy. For me, it was a lot of different factors and experiences, plus just generally growing up.

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GEEK LIFE: Buying Boxes and Organizing

I’m no longer much of a “collector” — sure there are still merchandise I would impulsively buy just because my deep, deep obsessive core would tell me that I need those things to live. Practical (and money) reasons has forced me to tame my geek-hoarder tendencies down, narrowing my collection down to my personal fangirl necessities.

The other night, I found myself buying clearance storage boxes from Target and buckling down to sort through my comic book collection. I like boxes much more than bookshelves most of the time. It’s the best way to keep dust from collecting on the books, first of all.

When was the last time you sorted through your collection?

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GEEK LIFE: Summer is Almost Over, the Sun Ain’t So Bad

An excuse to put a photo of JGL on the website.

Summer 2012 is winding down, can you believe it? Earlier this month, I said I can’t believe it’s August already… and now the month is over! There are plenty of blogs out there putting out a list of things-to-do before the summer ends. I figured, I’ll put my own personal spin on a list to share with my fellow Lady and Non-Lady Geeks. So, what should you do before the summer is over? Here are a few ideas.

1: Catch up with Television. The new Fall Season is going to premiere very soon and you’ll be that much more behind with shows. Time to catch up. I am personally trying to finish The Vampire Diaries season 3 and I really should go ahead and watch the last few episodes of Supernatural. I’m a bad fan (sad face).

2: Watch Premium Rush. Josepth Gordon-Levitt movies… enough said.

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GEEK LIFE: Vampire Diaries and My Apology

I used to believe I was a sensible person (who some times did nonsensical things). I scoffed at other women who thought having a vampire boyfriend would actually be a good idea. I rolled my eyes at the “sexy”-fying of vampires. I believed they should be left alone to be evil, bloodsucking monsters. I didn’t think anyone else but Anne Rice really captured vampire psychology. I still have a great dislike towards Twilight. When Vampire Diaries first started airing on television, I rolled my eyes. I thought I would just chalk the show up as another dumb, tweeny show and its target audience was definitely not me.

Then it happened. My friends started talking about the show and how amazing it was. I was shocked. These are people who I respect! Their opinions mattered to me! What is going on? Is the show really that good? Inevitably, my curiosity got the best of me and I signed on to my Netflix account to watch the show.

Now, I owe everyone an apology.

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GEEK LIFE: Now I’m the One That’s Cool

Geeks. Nerds. Dorks.

These are the words that some of us have chosen to identify with. Geek is the new cool, geek is the new chic and we can now say it loud and proud. I’m the One That’s Cool is the new music video from The Guild and it depicts each cast member as a caricature of nerds getting picked on by the mean kids. The song is fun, catchy and Felicia Day is always so… well, cool! I can also fully relate to Amy Okuda as an awkward, Asian dork.

I went to public school for one year during my Freshman year. The worst that happened to me was I had one of the stupid boys in my Spanish class bump me with his ass against my desk on purpose. He also used to turn around and “mock” my long hair by singing the Maybelline commercial (maybe she’s born with it…). He was dumb and immature — in a weird way, I think he was trying to flirt more than bully me. Who knows. High school students remain a mystery to me then and especially now.

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GEEK LIFE: Parties and Anxieties

Our 5th Year Anniversary Party!

Our 5th anniversary party came and went. Insert big sigh of relief from the Space Pirate Queen. Look, I’m the type of girl who doesn’t make birthday plans because I just can’t put together a party. Mostly because I have the ‘what if no one shows up to my party’ social anxiety syndrome. Nothing personal against my friends and family but as we all get older, our lives become more and more of an isolated, busy island for half the time. You can’t expect the no-responsibilities era of high school when all you can do is hang out at your best friend’s house and eat their food.

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GEEK LIFE: Hobbits and Slumber Parties

When my friends and I became “adults” (aka, we were all of legal drinking age in the US), our idea of fun certainly evolved. We are out and about in Los Angeles, spending the little hard earned money we have at local businesses. Getting our foodie on. Getting our booze on. Getting our dancing on. Getting our Disneyland on. Getting our party on. It was much different during high school when we spent a lot of time at each other’s houses. We were girls… slumber parties was a big thing, okay.

Our slumber parties were different though. It wasn’t dominated by “boy talk” (though it did exist) or make up or doing each other’s hair. At least this is the impression I got from normal slumber parties as seen in movies and television. We would generally stuff our faces with delicious food and watch our favorite movies. It was fun and it was how we all bonded. We never got to go to those mythical high school parties. You know, the kind in movies when some kid’s parents are out of town so they throw a party full of alcohol and the whole town shows up. Seriously. Did those really happen? I was never quite sure. I guess I am that big of a nerd, after all.

Yes, we were giant dorks. Yes, we're still giant dorks.

Then life happened and we all found our own things. We all became busy going to different parties, socializing and possibly getting shit faced. That’s all part of growing up, right? We go through those years when we do all the things our parents told us to not do.

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