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Space Pirate Queen’s Geek Friday Gift Guide 2015

Ah, yes, here we are. Thanksgiving is over. Some of you are probably a lot like me and is just spending this Friday doing some lazy window shopping online. Ladies, there are now too many adorable “geek” things for us to buy for ourselves and our equally dorky friends. Can you believe it? It wasn’t so long ago we’d had to scrape the Hot Topic stores to find anything to represent our pop-culture tastes. Here are my personal picks for this year in case you still need a little help narrowing down what to buy!

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 12.01.28 PM

We’ve spotlighted before because they are pretty awesome. Currently, they are having their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales and they kindly shared their discount codes with us. For Black Friday, use BF20 and on Cyber Monday use CM20 to get 20% off your purchases!

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Geek Gift Guide: Mighty Fine Hello Kitty Tees

Most of us here on Defective Geeks come from a Sanrio-loving generation. We wanted to give you a heads up on these cute Hello Kitty t-shirts from We Love Fine!

Hello Kitty as a bandit?

She’s even wearing a striped prison suit outfit! Will cute jail wear be the new trend? We’d also like to point out the new heart on Hello Kitty’s bow. There are plenty of Lady Geeks out there who would appreciate more Hello Kitty t-shirts under their tree during the holidays!

See below for larger images of each shirt.

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