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Team Unicorn’s “For the Win”

Ever since G33k & G4m3r Girls made its debut on the internet (and shook things up in the community, may I add), I have been a fan of Team Unicorn. This new video was a long time waiting and guess it what? It will effin’ rock your supehero underoos off! The video is set at a Mad Max-apocalyptic style environment with Aisha Tyler looking like a badass — bonus! The girls of Team Unicorn got to look hot and kick ass while inviting a bunch of cosplayers to wield weaponry and throw in their own punches at the bad guys.

Here at Defective Geeks, we have always advocated the right of any woman to look and feel sexy while having a lot of passion about whatever they are into, whether it be books, Thor, shoes or time travel, etc. Team Unicorn is a group of gorgeous and talented lady geeks and they are having tons of fun with it. I love them!

At least, watch their video. It’s kind of awesome.

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Ep. 13 Nancy Asks What’s An Apple Box?

Nancy aka Pilbeam joins our discussion this week and contributes to teasing Gizzy- I mean, contributes to our topics at hand. We discuss the sad demise of the Wonder Woman television series, lady geek problems and Gizzy’s future rise to stardom. Apologies if we made less sense this week- we recorded in the ‘early’ morning.