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We Are The Music-Makers

I don’t know about you, but I was a musical geek. If I could, I would live my life like a musical in a heartbeat. During my adolescence and teen years, I would often dance around singing about my life and as if it were a musical. I still remember being eleven and coming home from school to pop in my The Little Mermaid VHS and playing Part of Your World over and over just so that I could make sure I hit every note correctly and embracing the emotions the Ariel felt. I want to be part of that world too, Ariel! Me too!! Although, I rarely sang and danced in public, I have to admit, I was a wallflower. I usually sang in the privacy of my own home, even more privately, in my bedroom. Every now and then I would belt out, “WILL YOU PASS ME THE RIIIICE!!!” in vibrato, at my parents, during dinner. Even though my family has a great sense of humor, they’re also Asian, so they would often call me crazy for doing that. As a way to release some of my inner artist, I joined choir. But once again, wallflowers don’t do so well in public. I was only comfortable living my musical life with family and friends, but I have to say that choir did help to break me out of my shell a bit. As I got older, the music faded, although, it remained in my heart and soul.

To live life out like a broadway musical would be any music geek’s ultimate dream come true. Movies from the 50s, old variety shows, Disney’s classic animated feature films, all have brought music, singing and dancing to the masses from beyond the broadway stages. But like many things, during a certain period, mainstream musicals became a thing of the past… However, American culture has a certain soft spot for bringing “fads” back to life. So, like many classics, mainstream musical was once again the new “in thing” like you’re mother’s hippie 70’s dress. If you could turn any movie into a musical, it most likely would happen. Some of them were successes on the broadway stage and others, let’s just say you probably didn’t know it was even made into a musical. Everything is constantly being reinvented and brought to a newer generation to appreciate. That’s how broadway does it, so now the film and television makers are doing the same. One show in particular has come out on top… And no, I’m not talking about High School Musical.

Three years ago, a television show created by Ryan Murphy (Nip/tuck), Brad Falchuk (Nip/tuck), Ian Brennan aired on the FOX network. This show became every music geek’s, including myself, dream  come true. I actually can’t vouch for other music geeks, but I know for me, it has been the best thing to come to primetime! Of course, I’m talking about GLEE!


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